Dr Oz’s Super Immunity Checklist & Vitamin C Smoothie Recipe


Dr Oz did a segment on Super Infections and then gave some immunity warning signs along with Dr Oz’s Super Immunity Checklist and a fabulous cold fighting Vitamin C Smoothie Recipe.  Here are some things Doctor Oz said you can do to prevent a cold: Dr Oz Vitamin C Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz’s Immunity Warning Signs

1.  High Sugar Diet

Guess how many teaspoons of sugar American’s eat daily (on average)?  Dr Oz said that the average American eats 22 teaspoons of sugar each day, and often in places that they would not expect such as condiments or soda.  You should get no more than 6 tsp of sugar a day.  Dr Oz said that sugar interfaces with white blood cells and prevents them from fighting off colds for around 5 hours, by when you are often eating another meal full of sugar.

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