Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Countdown Show


Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Countdown Show includes Dr. Oz’s 6 Biggest Risks for Cancer with Dr. Peter Kozuch, Dr Oz’s 5 Superfoods You Must Eat with Dan Buettner, Dr. Oz’s 4 Fatigue Fighters to Fight Exhaustion, Dr. Oz’s 3 Ways to Look Younger, Dr. Oz’s 2 Alternative Health Secret Remedies, and Dr. Oz’s #1 Supplement You Must Take This Year.

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Countdown show originally aired on February 13, 2010, but it is great to watch it again to see what we have adapted into our lifestyle an areas for improvement.  For example, Dr. Oz’s list of superfoods include Imo, Turmeric Herbal Tea, Mangosteen, Greek Greens and Barramundi fish.  I am still on the lookout for Barramundi fish at my grocery store, but I have found Imo both at Asian supermarkets and at a grocery store called Stew Leonard’s.  You cook imo just like you would cook a sweet potato (wrap the imo in aluminum, and pop it in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or so).  Plus, the Imo potato is this gorgeous deep purple color that kids love.  My favorite way to make Imo is to cut it down the middle, put in a few pats of low fat butter or margarine, add a bit of cinnamon, wrap it in aluminum and bake… delicious!  For those of you who have tried one of Dr. Oz’s 5 superfoods, any advice on how you like to prepare them (leave a comment below!)?

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