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Dr Oz’s Ultimate Diet

By on July 14, 2010

Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Diet is a great way to lose weight, and apparently to drop 12 pounds.  My guess is that some people might lose even more than 12 pounds by doing Dr Oz’s Ultimate Diet!  Most people have been on a diet and have failed.  This Ultimate Diet plan will reboot your body in just two weeks.  80 million Americans go on a diet every year.  $40 billion are spent each year by people who are trying to lose weight.  60% of Americans are overweight.  80% of people break their new years resolution by Valentine’s Day, and only 2% of people succeed at keeping weight off.  Thank goodness Dr Oz explained the science of losing weight and gave us this fabulous Ultimate Diet plan!  Dr Oz's Ultimate Diet

Dr Oz’s Ultimate Diet

1.  It is not about your weight, it is about your waist size.  Your waist size should never be more than 1/2 your height.  Measure your waist around your belly button.  Dr Oz said that most women’s waists should be under 37″ and for men its under 40″.

2.  Learn the Biology of Blubber.  Dr Oz said the liver and omentum play a big role in the biology of blubber.  Your liver will turn fatty if you give it the wrong kind of foods, and then you get a fatty omentum and a bigger waist size.  A large omentum also increases your risk of cancer and heart attacks.

3.  Clean out your fridge!  Make sure your fridge does not contain products with and of the five foods listed below.

5 Foods to Avoid

1.  Simple Sugars

2.  Syrups

3.  White Flours

4.  Saturated Fats

5.  Trans Fats

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Michael Roizen to discuss these five foods.  Syrups and simple sugars spike your blood sugar and you will get hungry quickly after eating these foods.  So avoid high fructose corny syrup, jelly, pancake syrups and soda.  Instead, you can eat fresh fruits.  Dr Oz said that if you eliminate one soda every day, you will lose 12 pounds in a year!  White flour takes out all of the nutrients in flour that are good for you and should keep you full, so look for 100% whole grain instead.  For example, you can get pizza crust that is 100% whole grain and pile it up with veggies instead of eating things like Totino’s Pizza Rolls!  Saturated fats come from four legged animals and are solid at room temperature and clog up arteries.  So instead of spicy Italian sausage, look for a sausage made of chicken, salmon or fish that has no saturated fats.  Trans fats appear on food labels as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is used to extend shelf life.  Even insects won’t eat  trans fats.  Trans fats raise the risk of heart attacks too.  Instead, as a snack, try rice cakes with peanut butter and some raisins sprinkled on top.

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  1. An exercise to slim your hips & waist that also limbers & loosens your lower back and hip joints.

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