Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Fan- Jennifer, New Wellness Warrior


Dr. Oz named Jennifer, an energetic woman, one of his ultimate fans today.  Jennifer lost 100’s of pounds of Dr. Oz’s Diet.  She has now run a 5k race, and gave Dr. Oz her medal.  On top of that, Jennifer now teaches kickboxing at her gym.  Her real age before she began on Dr. Oz’s Diet was 55 and now her real age is 34!

Jennifer, Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Fan, Tips for Weight Loss:

1.  When you eat out at a restaurant, ask for a doggy bag when you order.  Then when your food comes, put half of everything into your doggy bag right away before you start eating.  That way you will only eat half, so it is automatic portion control.  Plus, you will have a great lunch for the next day!


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