Dr Oz’s Ultimate Summer Diet & SPF Acronym


Doctor Oz gave an Ultimate Summer Diet Plan to help us get in shape for bathing suit season!  Dr Oz must have been reading my mind, because I was just thinking this morning about how I need to get back on track with my diet for the summer season!  If you are like me and 80% of the people who go on a diet as a New Year’s resolution, and have failed… have no fear, the great Doctor Oz has a plan for us.  Most dieters give up, and only 1 in 5 people are still on a diet 6 months later.  Some of the excuses we use for not keeping our diet are cost and convenience.  On a diet, people often spend $130 a week on food, which is 150% more than what non-dieting people spend.  Ultimate Summer Diet

Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Summer Diet:

S – Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits

Seasonal produce is inexpensive, since it is in season and have tons of nutrients.  Apricots have 1/5 the daily vitamin C that we need, and vitamin C helps us to metabolize fat.  1 cup of okra has only 130 calories and tons of folic acid.  Cucumbers and peaches are other great summer season fruits and veggies.

P – Price

Doctor Oz found a list of items at the grocery that are great for a summer weight loss plan, but that are also not expensive.  Each of these cost less than $1 per serving: green tea, snap peas, plain yogurt, quinoa (which has half the iron you need daily) and black beans (which are loaded with protein).

F – Fat Fighters

Dr Oz said that ideally, we want to have 25% less body fat.  Exercise is a good way to burn calories, but to burn your fat most effectively, also try to eat these things:


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