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Doctor Oz said that being Addicted to Prescription Drugs is not just for celebrities.  Plenty of regular people are in Drug Rehab because of their Drug Addictions.  Dr Oz had a guest visitor named Stacey, a mother of two kids who looks like a typical mom, who has a drug addiction to narcotics.  Drug Rehab

Dr Oz told the story of Stacy’s Drug Addiction – she had very painful Pancreatitis when she was 18 or 19 years old and was put on heavy narcotics in the hospital.  When Stacey left the hospital, she was given more narcotics, and before she knew it, she could not live without them.  In fact, she was on narcotics throughout both of her pregnancies, and so her son and daughter had to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because they were born addicted to narcotics too.  Whenever Stacy tries to quit her drug addiction, she gets night sweats, chills, tosses and turns and simply cannot do it on her own.  She has not yet tried a Drug Addiction Rehab though.


  1. dalton says

    Prescription drug rehab can be just as much rehab for the family. Drugs can tear a family apart, but through counseling and rehabilitation, beating the addiction can bring a family back together.

  2. Mike says

    Dalton, great point… usually with prescription drugs the whole family has to make changes because often the user is getting their drugs from somewhere with in the family. That is how I was at least. I went to the Sundance Center for my drug rehab alcohol rehab. And it did help bring my family back together.

  3. Heather says

    FYI Ms. Flood claims to be in recovery but is not. She has a horrible reputation in the recovery community and New Directions for Women has been sued twice under her leadership. Both for misconduct and mistreatment of patients. The Dr Oz show should have done simple research before having her on the show.

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