Eat Away the Years: Age Fighting Foods- Oysters & Cranberry Juice

Doctor Oz did a segment on ways to make yourself look younger.   The secret to looking young is not necessarily a product from your drugstore, but it may just be the foods you are eating.  Here are some of Dr Oz’s favorite anti-aging foods to make you look younger!  cranberry juice

1.  What Food Prevents Your Teeth From Turning Yellow?

Cranberry Juice keeps your teeth from turning yellow by destroying plaque.  Also, Cranberry Juice has flavonoids which kills the bacteria which can eat away at the enamel of your teeth.

2.  What Food Prevents Dull Hair?

Oysters prevent dull hair and keeps your hair shiny and healthy.  Oysters contain zinc, which produces collagen to make your hair.  There is also iron in Oysters which helps you to have healthy hair.


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