Eye Weights: Is It Normal to Sleep With Your Eyes Open?

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Eye Weights: Is It Normal to Sleep With Your Eyes Open?

By on May 17, 2012

Dr Oz: Weird or Worried? Strange Health Questions

Do you have bizarre body quirks that have you wondering if it’s just weird, or should you be concerned? On today’s show, Doctor Oz exposed all of your mysterious conditions and their unexpected causes. Today, all your gross body problems will be solved!  Is it normal to sleep with your eyes open?  And is it a sign of bad health if you lose your sense of smell and taste?

Eye Weights

Dr Oz: Weird or Worried? What do you think?

To find out some of your biggest body complaints, Dr Oz hit the streets and headed to the strangest place he could find—Ripley’s Believe it or Not in New York City. (I can think of a few more kooky places, but okay!)

One performer asked if it was weird to hammer a nail into his nose. (Um, just a little!) One woman asked if it was weird if your eyes watered when you went to the bathroom. Dr Oz said it was weird, but nothing to be concerned about. Another woman asked if it was weird to drink red wine and get flushed. Again, that shouldn’t cause any concern. (Phew!) Dr Oz said this happened to a lot of women.

Another woman asked if it was weird to get diarrhea 2 weeks before her cycle. Doctor Oz said this is common and no cause for concern because your bowel muscles are just contracting. These questions were just the tip of the iceberg.

Dr Oz: Is It Bad to Sleep with Your Eyes Open?

Jennifer, her husband, Chris, and their 15 month old, joined Dr Oz on the stage. Jennifer said her DH slept with his eyes open and it creeped her out. Her son also does. (Dr Oz showed hidden footage of Chris and the baby sleeping with their eyes open and it kinda skeeved me out, too!) Jennifer wanted to know if it was weird or should she be worried?

Dr Oz said it was just weird. If you’ve done this most of your life, it’s probably genetic and not a big deal. Over 4 million Americans sleep with their eyes open. However, if it starts suddenly, there may be concern. If it starts suddenly, it may be an overactive thyroid. When you have irritation of the thyroid, it may cause swelling in the eye, which make the lids too small to close over the swelled eye.

Dr Oz: Eye Weights Review

Remedy: Protect your eyes with prescription eye weights. Eye weights make your eyelid heavier and pulls them down as you sleep. For the baby, Dr Oz suggested using a humidifier.

What Causes You to Lose Your Sense of Smell?

Dana, an audience member, said 3 years ago, she lost her sense of smell and taste. Should she be worried?

Doctor Oz says Dana should be worried. Loss sense of smell could be caused by several things, such as zinc deficiency. It’s also common in people with allergies. With allergies, loss of smell usually lasts for only a month unless something else is causing this.

Normally, scents travel through the nasal passageway to the brain. If you’ve had issues with nasal sinuses, nasal polyps may form. They can become enormous, but scents still have to make it through, but they have a tough time.

Dr Oz: Nasal Polyps

Remedy: If this happens to you, head to your doctor to have the nasal polyps checked out.

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