Dr Oz: Fecal Bacteria on Restaurant Menus & Food Poisoning Risks


Dr Oz: Secrets Restaurant Chefs Don’t Want You to Know

Do you love eating out? After reading this, you may not. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Chef, Jeffrey Saad, to reveal the secrets that restaurants don’t want you to know about. You may remember Jeffrey from The Next Food Network Star. (He was the runner-up, but I liked him much better than the winner. What happened to what’s-her-name anyway?)


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    The feces comes from standard floor care cleaning procedures implemented in just about every place we go, especially the hospitality industry. Need proof, look down. Grout for the most part is not black, but everywhere you go all you see is dark or black grout. Look in the restroom of a hotel room and look how the grout changes colors. Of course that feces. We have called it the “Moving the Mud” procedure when someone introduces our product but it should probably be call “Moving …..” The floors in this country are filthy and actually self induced. I have been trying to bring light to this monumental oversight for the past 18 years and although I have had some major successes, polluted floors are everywhere, and shouldn’t be, especially in the United States of America. Let’s clean this place up, that will put people to work.

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