Five Medical Tests Every Woman Needs: Ankle-Brachial Index & More


Doctor Oz gave a list of 5 medical test that every woman needs to get to help screen for and prevent a variety of horrible medical problems including oral cancer, Ankle-Brachial Index, Depression, Skin Cancer and Glaucoma.  Make sure to send this article to every woman you know!  medical tests

5 Medical Tests Every Women Needs

1.  Oral Cancer

Did you know that of all types of cancer, oral cancer has the lowest rate of survival over a 5 year period?  Most of the reason for this low survival rate is because it is not detected until late in the game.  If you can detect Oral Cancer early, then you improve your change of surviving by 90%.  You can get an Oral Cancer screening test at your dentist office, so make sure to ask at your next dentist appointment!

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