Grilling Marinades: Honey Dijon Chicken Recipe by Sunny Anderson

Doctor Oz loves to give us great Grilling Marinades, such as this Honey Dijon Chicken Recipe from Sunny Anderson, the Food Network star of Cooking for Real.  Dr Oz played a game called pantry raid for a dinner emergency to see if someone from his audience could guess the 4 secret ingredients in one of Sunny Anderson’s Grilling Marinades, which makes an entire meal in under 400 calories!Grilling Marinades

Grilling Marinades – Secret Ingredients

Dr Oz’s secret ingredients in his Grilling Marinade for Honey Dijon Grilled Chicken Recipe are: extra virgin olive oil, honey, chicken stock and dijon mustard.  All you have to do is mix equal parts of honey and dijon mustard in a ziploc bag, season it with salt and pepper, and let the chicken breasts sit in the Grilling Marinades for a couple of hours before grilling on a George Foreman Indoor Grill.  For the complete recipe, check out the Honey Dijon Chicken Recipe and learn about Grilling Marinades!

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