How To Prevent Brain Aneurysms & Thunderclap Headaches


Doctor Oz said that 5% of people have Brain Aneurysms, and women are more likely to get Brain Aneurysms than men because the higher levels of estrogen softens up the tissues.  Why are Brain Aneurysms dangerous?  How can you prevent Brain Aneurysms from erupting?  Brain Aneurysms and Thunderclap Headaches

Why are Brain Aneurysms Dangerous?

When a Brain Aneurysms pops, the blood can spread and bathe blood vessels around so they shrink and change.  It is very important to try and catch Brain Aneurysms before they rupture.

Brain Aneurysms Prevention:

Dr Oz said that you should look for the following signs to catch Brain Aneurysms:

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