Montel Williams’ Suicide Attempt & Shocking Health Confession on Dr Oz

By on June 1, 2012

Montel Williams on Dr Oz

On a previous show, ex-talk show host and author, Montel Williams joined Dr Oz to reveal his shocking health confession and to talk about SafSlim for weight loss. Years ago, he was diagnosed with MS and lived in extreme pain. The pain was so bad, he often times thought of taking his own life. Montel believed that although he didn’t take his own life then, you should have the right to end your life.  What do you think about Montel William’s suicide attempt?

Montel Williams on Dr Oz

Montel Williams discussed his suicide attempt and the right to end your own life on Dr Oz's Show.

During the height of his fame, Montel was doing 3 talk shows a day, 7 days a week. In 1999, he was diagnosed with MS. It hurt so bad, he would cry for hours. He would be taping the Montel Williams Show and telling jokes, but inside, he was in pain. On those days, it took everything he had to get out of bed. His symptoms went from bad to worse.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Suicide Attempt

The pain kept increasing. He tried everything. He took prescription meds, and at one point, even took 6 pills at once. When that didn’t kill the pain, he contemplated suicide. That was his darkest moment.

Montel had been in the military and had plenty of guns around. He went into his closet with a few guns, to make it look like he was cleaning them. He figured, if he was found dead, it would look like an accident. After thinking about it, he didn’t want his kids to find him, so he nixed that idea. Doctors kept giving him drugs, but nothing worked.

One day, he was walking down a busy street on his way to work and jumped out in front of a cab. He fell to the ground and the cabbie immediately put on the breaks and helped him up. At that point he felt, “How dare I?” For him, he made a conscious decision to “suck it up” and figure it out. For years, he’s been trying to find ways to have a healthy life. But he can’t ask anyone else to do that. When the pain hits a 10, he wanted the option to end it.

Montel Williams: The Right to End Your Life

The choice of dignity should be yours. If doctors say that they can’t do anything else for you, you should have the right to end your own life. (He didn’t believe in doctor assisted suicide though.) Montel thought the individual should have the right to end his own life. They should have the choice to end it as opposed to spending the last few months of their lives, writhing in pain. Family, friends, no one, had the right to tell you when to end your own life.

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Comments to Montel Williams’ Suicide Attempt & Shocking Health Confession on Dr Oz

  1. Glad there is still discussions on this topic but yet not resolved ?. I for one am very Happy to see Doctors and educated people along with regular people trying to come to a conclusion on a Very Important!! topic, myself, would like to see more shows on this topic. I for one am for assisted suicide when all else is lost. Not just Depression!! lets figure this out!!

  2. Jackie Easley says:

    Of course, I hate it when people are in so much pain or so depressed that they contemplate suicide. I, however, do not believe in suicide. I’ve always been taught (whether this right or wrong) that you must have faith in God to get you through whatever you are struggling with. Whether it be an illness, financial problems, abuse, etc. I’ve also been taught that if you commit suicide, you will burn in hell. Again, I don’t know whether this is right or wrong. Every religion interprets the bible differently. I, however, am not willing to take the chance. I had a brother that committed suicide almost 2 years ago. I knew he was depressed but, not that depressed to take his own life. This has left me with so many questions, why?, what did I miss?, what could I have done? I’m devastated, still. I can’t accept this but, I must. The bible tells me, and I quote, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” Phillipians 4:13. No one is promised a great life, a prosperous life, or an illness free life. Everything happens for a reason. Have I ever thought about suicide? Yes, I have thought about it. But, again, I cling to Jesus and he always pulls me through. I have 2 children, 3 grandchildren and I could not or would not put them through what my brother has put me through. Yes, I have bouts of depression but, stand strong and thank God every day for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon me. He didn’t have to give me children to love but, he did. I thank him for that. Not everyone has that opportunity. Do I condemn those who successfully committed suicide? No, but I pray for peace for their families and friends that they left behind, I pray for their souls that I am wrong, that they won’t go to hell. Do I condemn those who wish to commit suicide? No, I pray that they have a change of heart or find Jesus if they haven’t already done so. I’m not some crazy bible beating christian. But, I do cling to my Lord, Jesus Christ for strength. I’m not perfect by any means. I stumble, I fall, but I get back up. I’m human and I know the pain of losing loved ones. So, for anyone who reads this and is thinking about suicide, I pray that you reconsider. If not for you own eternal life, then to keep your family and friends from suffering and blaming themselves.

  3. sonda gaye says:

    You have the right perception Jackie. March 15th 2014 I had a dream about 4 people who committed suicide . I believe this dream was a warning from God to pray for people battling depression who may be contemplating suicide. Immediately after the dream God put people in my path who attempted suicide who I was able to council. Sad to say one of the men I prayed for since then hung himself. I can still sense the need to pray on this subject. God deals with me a lot through my dreams. My friend was just diagnosed with ms today. I pray the joy of the Lord continues to be his strength.

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