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Doctor Oz did a segment on how to Get Happier in 28 Days, and he said he would post the Oxford Happiness Quiz on his website.  However, Dr. Oz has not yet posted the Oxford Happiness Quiz on his website, so for those of us who want to take the quiz to find out how happy we are, I was able to find it on another website:

Oxford Happiness Quiz

Below are a number of statements about happiness. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each by entering a number in the blank after each statement, according to the following scale:



  1. Cierra says

    Am I missing something ? I went to the trouble to take the quiz & got my score, but I don’t see anything to compare it to.

  2. says

    Cierra, from what I understand, the higher your number, the happier you are. The idea is to take this quiz multiple times over time and to see if your score is increasing or decreasing. But I am not an expert on this happiness quiz, so if anyone else has thoughts or insight, please share!

  3. Nelly says

    Hey. I saw this on dr ox, end score is out of 5, 5 being very happy, 1 very unhappy, 3.5 was average. My score was 2.3.

  4. says

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