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Dr Oz: Nasal Dilator Strips for Snoring Do you snore at night? Does someone else complain because the sound of your snoring wakes them up? Dr. Oz says the sound of your snoring actually reveals a lot about your health, so he explained some of them and shared what you can do to fix the […]

Dr Oz Recharge: Pump Up Your Energy Dr Oz said we all need a little pick-me-up now and then, so how can you recharge your energy when you need it the most? Try a morning latte, aromatherapy, or a magnesium energy boost. Also, find out why Cookie Monster was on the show. Dr Oz: Morning […]

Dr Oz: Meds + Memory Loss Do you ever have trouble finding your phone or your keys? Maybe you can’t remember what you needed from the fridge as soon as you open the door? We all have memory lapses from time to time, but Dr Oz had the prescription for a solution to memory loss. […]

Dr Oz: 4 Things You Need To Try Before 40 At what age do you think you worry the most? Dr Oz said that women in their 30s automatically start to worry about their 40s, but they have an opportunity to get a fresh start when it comes to health. You should learn one new […]

Dr Oz: Vitamin B-Rich Foods Have you ever wondered what it is like to be friends with Dr. Oz? If you could ask him anything, what would it be? Today find out What Dr. Oz Really Tells his Friends and Family and some of his closest friends share their favorite Dr. Oz advice! Dr Oz: Hydrogen […]

Dr Oz: Best Crow’s Feet Treatment Dr. Oz thought it would be fun to surprise one of his biggest fans with a phone call. Her daughter, who was in the audience, loaned him her phone so he could call Toby at her job and maybe help with a few of her biggest health complaints. Toby […]

Dr Oz: What Causes Snoring? Are you and your partner a seemingly compatible couple to the outside world, but the minute you climb into bed at night everything changes? Dr. Oz says you could be Headed for a Sleep Divorce if you are not careful and the take the time to make a few changes! […]

Dr Oz: Are You Desperate For A Good Night’s Sleep? Dr Oz and sleep expert Dr Michael Breus teamed up to overhaul sleep and avoid the Sleep Wreckers you might not have known were keeping you awake. If you have already taken the Dr Oz Sleeping Pill Quiz, you are ready to learn about the […]

Dr Oz: Health Gadget Everyone Needs Dr Oz talked with some real women about helpful household gadgets. Next, Dr Oz revealed a health gadget he thinks everyone should have on hand at home: a blood pressure monitor like the Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Cathy, like many people, […]

Dr Oz: Are You Being Sabotaged? This episode of Dr Oz’s show focused on people who sabotage the lives of those they care about. Dr Brenda Wade was on hand to offer some expert advice on how to know whether this could happen to you. Learn how to spot a toxic sabotager. Dr Oz: Spotting […]

Dr Oz: Toxic Sabotagers Doctor Oz took a different approach to health in this episode, discussing Toxic Sabotagers. These are people in our lives whom we care about, but who never seem to be satisfied with what we do for them. Have you ever experienced Family Bullying? That’s what is happening in one home where […]

Dr Oz: Cures for Knee Pain Dr. Oz says the most important joint in the body and the one that often causes the most pain is the knee. He invited a brave viewer into the “Anatomy Lab”, which is a medical classroom filled with bodies of those who have donated themselves to research. They examined […]

Dr Oz: Can Germs Spread When You Flush the Toilet? Dr. Oz is revealing the top germ spots in your kitchen and bathroom, including some areas that might surprise you. Find out the surprising areas bacteria is lurking in your kitchen and how you can quickly clean them to remove the germs for good. Dr […]

Dr Oz: Are You Afraid To Die? As a doctor, Dr Oz admitted that he has seen some deaths in the course of his medical training and career. But he said new research is shedding more light on the idea that we have nothing to be afraid of when we pass away. That is why […]

Dr Oz: Nanny Jo Frost Jo Frost is back in the new reality series Family S.O.S. She gave advice to parents of toddlers, but she told Dr Oz that sometimes adults are worse than their children. Do you value respect in relationships? Dr Oz: Competition Between Adult Friends In a clip from the show, Frost […]

Dr Oz: Jo Frost Remember the show Supernanny, with the tough-talking British babysitter? Now Jo Frost is speaking out about health and parenting, and she spent some time sharing her secrets with Dr Oz. Should you have a bedtime for parents? Frost was the star of Supernanny for years, and now she is back on […]

Dr Oz: More Health Myths Debunked Dr Oz is no stranger to debunking health myths, but this time he is exposing the truth behind medical myths he believed! Does wearing a bra prevent breast sagging or cause it? Doctor Oz also had advice about how and when to treat toenail infections. Dr Oz: Wearing A […]

Dr Oz: 10-Cent Solutions Dr Oz wanted to help viewers stretch their health budgets. He proposed some 10-cent solutions to common complaints. Find out how hand grips lower blood pressure and Omega-3s fight depression. Dr Oz: Hand Grips Lower Blood Pressure A woman emailed Dr Oz to say that she was diagnosed with high blood […]