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Dr Oz: Sleep Miracles for 2013 Dr. Oz is sharing his 13 Miracles for you in 2013 and he started with one that he had never heard of before, but now says could be the miracle food for 2013. What do you suppose has Dr. Oz making such a powerful declaration? Take a look at […]

Dr Oz: Vitamin Strengthens Immune System Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Soram Khalsa about his practice of Integrative Medicine and how it can be a wonderful complement to traditional medicine when treating patients. He explained the practice of Applied Kinesiology as well the dangers of too many chemicals in personal care products. Dr Oz: Dr. […]

Dr Oz: Cushing’s Disease & Sudden Weight Gain Dr. Oz is talking to a woman about her battle with a scary disease, that when left untreated could lead to morbid obesity and the potential of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. Her story is incredible and hearing it may save your life or the […]

Dr Oz: Yawn Your Way To Happiness Dr. Oz’s show today is all about making you happier. His prescription for happiness includes practicing gratitude and listening to music. Find out why you should fake a smile and go outside. Dr. Oz even shared the one habit that brings him true happiness in his own life. […]

Dr Oz: Perfect Night’s Sleep Nate Berkus gave Dr. Oz and his viewers a tour of his home while sharing some his favorite decorating and organization advice. Nate shared his simple way to store eggs in the refrigerator as well as his most emotional piece of artwork. They also talked about his new book, The […]

Dr Oz: Did I Just Have An Aneurysm? Dr Oz shared how to save a life for seizure victims and fainting. But there are more medical emergencies to prepare for. According to Doctor Oz, one in five people has an aneurysm in the brain that could burst anytime. About 60% of those are women. Since […]

Dr Oz: J.R. Martinez Trial By Fire Dr Oz had an American hero on the show to talk about his inspirational story. When Full Of Heart author J.R. Martinez ran over a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2003, he was trapped in a burning vehicle for five minutes, which felt like a lot longer. The […]

Dr Oz: Voices Against Reparative Therapy Dr Oz still had more voices to include in the conversation on reparative treatment. Does the ex-gay therapy work, or is this an anti-gay agenda? Learn what Dr Oz advised about people interested in the conversation about reparative therapy for minors and adults. Dr Oz: Gay & Lesbian Alliance […]

Dr Oz: Adult ADHD Treatment Dr Oz talked with two experts about ADHD Triggers and Adult ADHD Symptoms. If you think you have ADHD, what can you do about it to improve your quality of life? Is ADHD medication safe? Also, check out natural ADHD remedies from the experts? The first recommendation is seeing the […]

Dr Oz’s Ultimate Shopping Cheat Sheet Today’s Dr. Oz show is focused on helping you create your very own cheat sheet of items with Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Shopping List. He has already guided you through the aisles of the health food store, the grocery store, and the drugstore, but for those you who also shop […]

Dr Oz: Immune System Tests Dr. Oz has already shared some amazing and helpful tips during his Power Hour, such as HGH supplements, Amino Acids and Brewer’s Yeast, but he is not done yet. He wants to arm you with even more information so you can know what vitamins you might need to replenish and […]

Dr Oz: Men Vs Women Heart Attack Symptoms Heart Disease is the number one killer of women. The heart attack warning signs for women are very different than for men and Dr. Oz says recognizing the difference can save your life. Rosie ignored her symptoms and was lucky to survive with a stent operation. Doctor […]

What’s the Difference Between Cough Suppressant vs Cough Expectorant? We can often feel overwhelmed at this time of the year when coughs and cold start to enter our homes. Dr. Oz took to the aisle of Walgreens to answer customer questions. The first customer said she had a wet cough and wasn’t sure whether she […]

Dr Oz: Life Path Number Dr Oz talked with numerologist Glynis McCants about how revealing your life path number can unveil hidden health clues. Dr Oz is a 6, and Glynis also shared yoga advice for 1s in the previous segment. What about the rest of the numbers? See the advice Glynis had for them […]

Dr Oz: Strange Body Noises Dr Oz promised to find solutions and fast fixes to the complaints that are bothering you. First he shared a Dandruff Remedy, but he was just getting started. Find out the thigh chafing treatment you didn’t know you already had. Do you have problems with your gurgling stomach or loud […]

Dr Oz: Luminosity Brain Training Review Dr Oz showed us how to know Diabetes & Cancer symptoms, and how to act FAST for Strokes. But there’s always something more to learn, and Dr Oz said he’s constantly hearing from fans and viewers who complain about memory problems. Lori Ann from the audience volunteered to help out with […]

Dr Oz: What Does It Mean If I Lost Half My Vision? What warning signs could you be missing in your daily routine? Do you have nail polish remover breath?  Because Dr Oz said that is a sign of Diabetes! These symptoms can come out of nowhere when you least expect them. How will you […]

Dr Oz: Is Hearing Loss Treatable? Dr Oz talked about the connections from a new study that found Pain Relievers cause hearing damage. He also recommended some alternative headache remedies. But what else can you do to protect your hearing? Find out why preventative measures such as sound isolating earphones are your best bet. Bonnie […]

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