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Dr Oz: Life Path Number Dr Oz talked with numerologist Glynis McCants about how revealing your life path number can unveil hidden health clues. Dr Oz is a 6, and Glynis also shared yoga advice for 1s in the previous segment. What about the rest of the numbers? See the advice Glynis had for them […]

Dr Oz: Strange Body Noises Dr Oz promised to find solutions and fast fixes to the complaints that are bothering you. First he shared a Dandruff Remedy, but he was just getting started. Find out the thigh chafing treatment you didn’t know you already had. Do you have problems with your gurgling stomach or loud […]

Dr Oz: Luminosity Brain Training Review Dr Oz showed us how to know Diabetes & Cancer symptoms, and how to act FAST for Strokes. But there’s always something more to learn, and Dr Oz said he’s constantly hearing from fans and viewers who complain about memory problems. Lori Ann from the audience volunteered to help out with […]

Dr Oz: What Does It Mean If I Lost Half My Vision? What warning signs could you be missing in your daily routine? Do you have nail polish remover breath?  Because Dr Oz said that is a sign of Diabetes! These symptoms can come out of nowhere when you least expect them. How will you […]

Dr Oz: Is Hearing Loss Treatable? Dr Oz talked about the connections from a new study that found Pain Relievers cause hearing damage. He also recommended some alternative headache remedies. But what else can you do to protect your hearing? Find out why preventative measures such as sound isolating earphones are your best bet. Bonnie […]

Dr Oz: Rick Springfield’s Addiction Dr Oz talked with rock star Rick Springfield about his depression triggers and suicide attempt. Next, the conversation returned to Rick Springfield’s addiction. He admitted using an addiction as a coping mechanism, comparing it to a drug. He also shared his unique depression cure and explained why he thinks it […]

Dr Oz Club on Facebook Dr Oz loves inspiring others, and he was proud to introduce some new people he’s inspiring every day. They have a group on Facebook, and they call themselves the Dr Oz Club (and if you are not a fan of ours yet, “like” us Here On Facebook!). Check out their […]

Dr Oz: Sierra Jane, 7 Year Old Girl, Bubonic Plague Patient Dr Oz reported the story of a girl diagnosed with Bubonic Plague. He also had the chance to meet the family touched by this story, which became an international media sensation this year. The patient, Sierra Jane, along with her parents, Darcy and Shawn, […]

Dr Oz: Supermarket Tricks Dr Oz learned about some supermarket scams you need to watch out for, such as egg temperatures and year-old bread dough. To get more advice, he turned to dietitian and author Frances Largeman-Roth for advice about how supermarkets take advantage of customers each day. Frances told Dr Oz that stores are […]

Dr Oz: Supermarket Scams Going shopping for groceries is an old habit for most of us. But as Dr Oz warned, many of us probably didn’t know what’s going on at the supermarket. Are you ready to find out some gross things about food that you can’t un-learn? Dr Oz Supermarket Secrets Here are a […]

Dr Oz Health Apps for Smart Phones If you’ve bought into the iPhone 5 craze or have become part of the tablet and smartphone culture, there are many apps on the market, most of which are free or cheap, that can help you track your health. Dr Oz looked at some of the most promising […]

Dr Oz: Oversharing Dr Oz talked about the Oversharing Epidemic, which includes oversharing on Facebook and plenty of Twitter TMIs. But what if it’s your mom oversharing? Unsurprisingly, more than a few people made that complaint. That’s why Dr Oz invited one viewer to surprise her mother and confront her about her out of control […]

Dr Oz: Accidental Oversharing Dr Oz got women in his audience to open up about some of their most embarrassing stories. Then everyone else in the studio got to vote on whether this was an Overshare. But have you ever been guilty of an accidental overshare, letting the cat out of the bag on something […]

Dr Oz: TMI Overshares We all have that one family member or particularly candid Facebook friend that lets all their personal business hang out. But Dr Oz said that oversharing is a social phenomenon, which I think may be a stretch (though we could all calm down on the Instagram photos of what we ate […]

Dr Oz: 1 mg Melatonin Dosage Melatonin is a popular over the counter sleep product, but could it actually be destroying your sleep?  Yes, there are Melatonin Dangers that you have to be aware of.  Dr Oz and his audience learned some surprising facts that most people don’t know about this product. Find out the […]

Dr Oz: The Truth About Melatonin Are you one of the millions of Americans who rely on Melatonin as a sleep supplement? If so, this episode had some shocking news you’ll want to hear. Did you know that Melatonin could actually be doing more harm than good? Learn about the Melatonin side effects that have […]

Dr Oz: Magnesium Energy Boost Dr Oz’s show on September 24, 2012 is about The #1 Reason You’re Exhausted.  Could it be a Magnesium shortage?  Many people who are tired and out of energy are never told to check their Magnesium levels, but that could be exactly what is causing your fatigue.  One option is […]

Dr Oz & Geneen Roth: Binge Eating Dr Oz spent this episode discussing Binge Eating with guests who admitted that their habits are out of control. At last, he brought in a food addiction specialist, Geneen Roth, to help them find ways to move beyond what’s been holding them back. Find out how Wellspring at […]