Parasitic Worms: Pinworms, Tapeworms & Roundworms

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Parasitic Worms: Pinworms, Tapeworms & Roundworms

By on June 29, 2010

Doctor Oz aired his show on Parasitic Worms – Tapeworms, Roundworms & Pinworms again today.  I’m still shocked by the statistic that 40 Million people in America have pinworms, making it more common than lice.  Perhaps I have just been very fortunate, but I have not ever heard of anyone getting tapeworms, pinworms or roundworms.  I am glad to be armed with the knowledge of the scotch tape test for pinworms and the reminder to cook fish very well.  parasitic worms

Dr Oz also brought on a 4 year old named Lillie who weighs over 80 pounds.  Lillie’s personality was absolutely adorable, and when Dr Oz announced that Lillie is pre-diabetic because of her unhealthy diet, my heart broke for Lillie and her family.  Here is the 4 Step Family Weight Loss Plan that Dr Oz outlined for Lillie and her family.  If Lillie’s family is out there, we would love to hear how she is doing now!

Here are other topics that were discussed on the Dr Oz Show today:

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