Paula Deen’s Agoraphobia & Did She Quit Smoking on Dr Oz’s Show?

By on June 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Paula Deen’s Health Surprises

Earlier this year, Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen, revealed her secret battle of diabetes to the media, but even before that, she confessed about an addiction millions of you share—cigarette smoking.  Plus, who knew that Paula Deen’s Agoraphobia took her a long time to overcome?  And who could forget Paula Deen’s Healthy Recipes that are a diet version of her usual gluttonous recipes?

Dr Oz: Paula Deen’s Agoraphobia

Paula Deen’s Agoraphobia and smoking addictions were discussed on the Dr Oz Show.

Dr Oz had asked Paula if she was happy with her health. She told Dr Oz that she would like to say yes, but the answer was no. She doesn’t eat fried chicken every day, but she did enjoy plenty of it. She ate veggies too, but it just so happened she loved a fatty piece of pork in her veggies. (Kind of defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you say?) She stated that with anything, there was always room for improvement. (Translation…her diet sucked and she needed to clean it up!) She told Dr Oz that she took medications for different health issues and realized that if she exercised and monitored her diet more, she could eliminate some of those pills. Her excuse was that she “lived life large every day.” She was 64-years-old and felt so blessed.

Dr Oz: Paula Deen Agoraphobia

Dr Oz was shocked to find out she was agoraphobic (afraid to leave the house). Years earlier, she self diagnosed herself because they didn’t have money for doctors. She felt she was a functioning agoraphobic. Some days she was okay and some days she wasn’t.

After losing a business, she went back to Albany, GA, in a peanut wagon. For her, death would’ve been simpler. She knew what got her to that point, but she didn’t’ know how to fix it. Before that point, she had been very social. It took 20 years to heal herself.

Paula Deen’s Favorite Foods

Favorite meal: fried chicken mashed potatoes, peach cobbler, coconut pie (What kind of meal is that?!)

Favorite junk food: French fries (no surprise there either!)

Biggest splurge since her success: She said her life hasn’t changed.

One kitchen gadget she can’t live without: Deep fryer (no comment)

Worst habit: Paula was embarrassed and ashamed to admit it, but her worst habit was potatoes and cigarettes. (This is when Dr Oz found out she smoked.) Paula admitted to smoking a pack and a half for 50 years. (WOW! Really?) Her excuse was that she didn’t drink or do drugs. Smoking was her only vice. She would love to quit, but that didn’t seem like a plausible option at that point.

In any case, I wish her well!

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