Post-Pregnancy Dizzy Spells After Giving Birth: Doctor Oz


Doctor Oz did a segment called “Am I Normal” and he was asked by a woman if it is normal that she gets very dizzy when she watches 3-D movies now that she has had a baby.  Before her pregnancy, she did not get dizzy or have problems with 3-D movies or roller-coasters.

Dr Oz said that getting dizzy after having a baby is not normal, but it is not uncommon either.  When you give birth and have a baby, there can be a lot of pressure in your ear canal.  Dr Oz said that within our ear canals are things called Semicircular Canals made up of lots of hairs, which you need to help coordinate you and tell you if you are looking forward, left or right.  If you crack one of these canals, then you won’t have a 3-D dimensional orientation anymore, so you will get dizzy when you watch 3-D movies or go on roller coasters.

Dr Oz Cure for Dizziness – Ginger

You can have a surgeon patch the hole in your Semicircular canal, or you can try using ginger for dizzy-ness.  I would give the ginger a shot first and see if it helps you to be less dizzy, before going for a surgery.

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