Psoriasis Treatments, Psoriasis Symptoms & Psoriasis Home Remedy

By on April 23, 2010

Doctor Oz spoke about psoriasis, a skin condition that effects 7.5 million people.  Psoriasis transforms your skin into silvery scales.  The scales that erupt on your skin from psoriasis can make you feel like a reptile.  So what is psoriasis?  How is psoriasis different from eczema?  What are the best psoriasis treatments?  And what psoriasis home remedies work?  Psoriasis Treatments

What Is Psoriasis?

Dr Oz said that you often get psoriasis symmetrically on both sides of your body.  Psoriasis symptoms appear on your knees, joints and elbows commonly.  As your skin accumulates tissue from inside of your body, the top layer of skin naturally comes off.  If you have psoriasis, you have irritated T cells that release chemicals into your body and case your skin cells and tissues to grow faster and behave badly.

What Is The Difference Between Psoriasis & Eczema?

Eczema looks like someone took sandpaper and went over your skin.  So with eczema, you will often see cracks in your skin.  Eczema is caused by allergies and is an allergic reaction.

With psoriasis, you  have too much skin.  Your skin overgrows itself as an autoimmune response, because psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder.  Psoriasis is mainly inherited and genetic.

Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis Treatment 1: Topical Steroids

You can get a prescription for a topical cream from your doctor, or you can try a psoriasis over-the-counter treatment.

Psoriasis Treatment 2: Vitamin D

Vitamin D slows down the growth of cells, so you could try some Vitamins E, A & D Moisturizing Cream to treat your psoriasis.

Psoriasis Treatment 3: Inject Tissue with Injection Pens

Your doctor can inject your tissue that has psoriasis with a biologically active compound, which must be injected because otherwise your intestinal acids destroy the compound.  Injection pens are effective if you have sever psoriasis.

Psoriasis Home Remedies

Dr Oz gave a great psoriasis home remedy, which also works wonders if you just have dry flaky skin.  At night, before you go to sleep, cover your skin with a thick layer of Psoriasis Lotion and cover your skin in plastic wrap.  When I do this, I also cover the plastic wrap with a sock (if I am treating my hands or feet) or an Ace Elastic Bandage to keep the plastic wrap in place.  In the morning, the Psoriasis Lotion will have soaked your skin – it is like a deep conditioning treatment for your skin.   After you take off the plastic wrap and wash your skin, you will see a lot of the flakiness caused by your psoriasis go away!

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