Rash Remedies: Poison Ivy, Shingles, Chicken Pox & Hives Remedies

Doctor Oz did a segment on remedies for rashes including poison ivy, shingles, chicken pox and hives.  If you have a dry, scaly,  itchy, painful or uncomfortable rash, Dr. Oz explains rash causes, cures and  natural home remediesEpiPen for Hives & Rashes

Causes for Rashes:

1.  Medicine

2.  Plants

3.  Allergies

4.  Jewelry

5.  Eggs

6.  Water

Tea Bag Poison Ivy Remedy

Dr Oz said that in addition to Calamine Lotion,which is what my mother always used when I got poison ivy, you can also use tea bags that have been steeped in hot water and left to cool oft.  The antioxidants in the tea bags helps to reduce the itching and irritation of the poison ivy.

Shingles Home Remedy

Dr Oz mentioned Shingles as a horrible rash, which is basically what you get if you catch Chicken Pox when you get older and it resurfaces.  But Dr Oz did not get around to mentioning any remedies for shingles… if you know of any, please leave a reply in the comment section below!

Chicken Pox Remedy

Dr Oz said that now most children are getting the Chicken Pox vaccine, which is wonderful because I remember getting the Chicken Pox when I was younger… not fun!

Hives Remedy

Dr Oz said that hives are the only rash that is not contagious.  Hives usually come in the form of welts raised on both legs.  The best remedy for hives is to use a medication called a EpiPen which you stab into your muscle and inject.


  1. says

    I had shingles this past spring. My older sister had them years ago. She told me to use vinegar on the rash! It dried it up! Then, the day I thought I was over them, I got a rash on my left side! Then a little more on my right side. My Doctor said it was very unusual to get them twice in a row! And… on the oppisite side! The first onset was the most painful.

  2. says

    Remedie for Shingles

    or at least it helps minimize the pain, take vitamin B pills if possible increase to two a day and rub Lilac oil where your pain is, mine is the stomach area and it worked.

  3. Jerry Cole, Sr. says

    We have a dear friend who has suffered greatly with shingles….her husband watched your episode on April 19, I believe, and he said you gave a home remedy , but he has forgotten what it was…..I have searched your website and it says for that date, that Dr Oz mentioned it but never gave the remedy…….if Dr Oz has a home remedy…..please respond……it will be greatly appreciated !!! Thank you so much, Jerry Cole, Sr.

  4. says

    Jesus Christ theres lots of spammy comments on this site. Have you at any time believed about attempting to eliminate them or installing a wordpress plugin?

  5. says

    agree with the 28 year old who wrote that she didn’t get until she got the vaccine.
    I received a number of vaccines for my new job at the hospital, and that is when I got shingles, and I also had got a severe problem with poison ivy, at that time. I was reading and believe me this works, (take vitamin B pills twice a day and then put lavender oil on the spot you keep getting shingles) and start drinking aloe juice every day. All can be purchased at your local Trader Joe’s grocery store.

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