Razor Burn Remedies for Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Bumps & Smooth Legs


Doctor Oz talked about razor burn on a man’s face and a woman’s legs.  Why does Razor Burn happen?  How can we prevent Razor Burn?  And what are some natural home remedies if we have Razor Burn?  Razor Burn Remedies

Why Does Razor Burn Happen?:

When you shave your skin, especially if you shave in a harsh manner, you will pull up some of your skin cells which is what razor burn is.  In addition, you will cut your hair so short that it will actually be beneath your skin, so if your skin grows over the hair follicle, the trapped hair is called an Ingrown Hair and can be painful and even puss.

5 Rules to Prevent Razor Burn

1. Shave on Moistened Skin

A razor blade glides more easily over moistened skin.  So try to wait 3 minutes after you moisten your skin before you start to shave – your shave will be closer when your hairs are softer!

2.  Use Oil or Gel Shaving Cream

Dr Oz said to avoid shaving creams, because the cream can clog your pores.

3.  Use a Clean, Sharp Razor

Throw away your razor after every 3-4 uses, and make sure to rinse your razor blade while you are shaving to remove the debris.

4.  Shave Hair in Direction of Hair Growth

Always shave your hair in the direction that your hair grows.  So for your legs, shave from your knee down to your ankle and not from your ankle up to your knee.

5.  Shave At Night

Your skin gets swollen in the morning, so you cannot get as close of a shave as if you shave at night.  If you  must shave in the morning or if you are a man who must shave his face each morning, then try to move around for 20 minutes before you shave.

Razor Burn Home Remedies

1.  Aspirin for Razor Burns

Did you know that this Aspirin Mask home remedy relieves swelling and pain from razor burn?  All you need is Non-Coated Aspirin!  I have tried the Aspirin Mask before for Acne, and it works great, so next time I get razor burn I will have to try it out for that purpose as well.

2.  Bag of Frozen Vegetables

My mother always used a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack, so Dr Oz agrees with my mom and says that a bag of frozen vegetables applied to your razor burn will relieve the pain.

3.  Tea Tree Oil for Razor Burn

Tea Tree Oil is a great antiseptic, so in addition to helping clear acne it can help cure your razor burn.

4.  Witch Hazel for Razor Burn

Witch Hazel is an astringent often used for oily or acne prone skin, but Dr. Oz says it is great for treating razor burn and for helping to pull skin taught.

5.  Aloe Vera for Razor Burn

Everybody knows that Aloe Vera is a great way to treat a sunburn, but Dr Oz said that Aloe Vera works wonders on soothing razor burn too!

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