Skin Glow Products: Dr Oz Glowing Skin Care Tips

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Skin Glow Products: Dr Oz Glowing Skin Care Tips

By on April 26, 2010

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman in her 40’s what is a good skin regimen to keep a young glow with Skin Glow Products.  Skin Glow Products

Skin Glow Products

1.  Do not use harsh soaps, which expose your skin to the elements.  Instead use a non-soap fash wash, which is one of the amazing Skin Glow Products!

2.  Use sunblock every day with zinc oxide, which Dr Oz mentioned before because zinc oxide is a mechanical barrier so it works immediately when you apply it.

3.  Ask your doctor for a Retinoic Acid, an oxidized version of Vitamin A, which lightens liver spots, age spots, freckles and under eye circles and also contains Retinoic Acid.

4.  Exfoliate once a week with a Facial Exfoliator or try other Natural Home Remedies for homemade Skin Glow Products!

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