Dr Oz: Squatty Potty for Pooping & Castor Oil Wrap for Muscle Pain

Dr Oz: Outrageous Health Trends

Have you tried some weird products in order to stay healthy? (C’mon, admit it!) On today’s show, Dr Oz revealed some of your most outrageous health trends like the Squatty Potty, a Castor Oil Wrap for muscle pain, Dr Scholl’s Arctic Heat/Cold Mini Massager and even Snake Therapy?!?!? One bizarre remedy is even said to relieve tension. From losing weight to relieving pain, find out which strange solutions work and which ones don’t. (You may be surprised!) And if your allergies are driving you nuts, you should also checkout the Allergy Remedies that Doctor Oz spoke about today.

Dr Oz Squatty Potty & Castor Oil Wrap

Dr Oz reviewed the Squatty Potty & a Castor Oil Wrap for muscle pain. (Both work!)

Squatty Potty Review

Looking to get the perfect poop? The Squatty potty comes with an attachment for your feet. To use, simply sit on a regular toilet and put your feet up onto the attachment. Does it work? Dr Oz says IT WORKS! When you lift up your legs to go to the bathroom, it gets the colon in the right poop position. Squatting makes it easier for the poop to get out. The best price I found to purchase the Squatty Potty is at the following link: Squatty Potty. (Okay, let’s move on from poop, please!)

Dr Oz: Dr Scholl’s Arctic Heat / Cold Mini Massager Review

Sand Therapy has been used for joint pain for years to warm and sooth the joint. However, if you can’t put your whole body into a vat of sand, try Dr. Scholl’s Arctic Heat/Cold Mini Massager. After a workout, use the cold massager. Before the workout, use the warm. Click here to purchase it: Dr. Scholl’s Massager.

Dr Oz: Castor Oil Wrap for Muscle Pain

For this segment, Doctor Oz asked Mia and Todd to come to the stage to demonstrate. He neglected to tell Mia that Todd was coming out with a snake for a muscle pain remedy. For years, snakes have been used to help get rid of pain in the muscles, but did it work?

Dr Oz: Snake Therapy

Doctor Oz said snake therapy does not work for muscle pain. (Thank goodness!) Snakes cannot selectively apply pressure on your sore body part. (That would’ve been one remedy I could skip!) Instead, try a castor oil wrap. To do, rub castor oil onto the sore area. Cover with plastic wrap to keep it locked in. Then, place a heating blanket over the plastic wrap. The acid in the oil relieves the muscle pain.


  1. A.J. Rubenking says

    I’ve been a believer in the squat style of elimination for some time, so I was very happy to see your endorsement. However, I was very surprised to see that you had the platform facing the WRONG DIRECTION. Not only is the slope for the foot naturally slanted forward, there is a curve that allows it to fit closer (around) to the toilet.

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