Sweatblock Wipes & Klima Confidence Hand Spray on Dr Oz Show

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Sweatblock Wipes & Klima Confidence Hand Spray on Dr Oz Show

By on April 15, 2012

Dr Oz: 5 Minute Fixes for Annoying Health Problems

Doesn’t it always seem you have to belch (or worse) right in the middle of an important business meeting? On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave you 5-minute quick fixes to tackle your most annoying health problems. Find out what to do about gas, hiccups and sweaty palms.

Dr Oz: Sweatblock Wipes & Klima Confidence Hand Spray

Dr Oz says to try Sweatblock wipes and Klima Confidence Hand Spray for sweaty palms.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups With a Paper Bag

Picture this; you’re sitting at dinner, right in the middle of the best date you’ve ever had, and you start hiccupping and can’t stop. (Don’t act like this didn’t happen to you at some point!) What can you do about it? Doctor Oz says hiccupping happens when the food or drink goes down the tube and to your stomach. The diaphragm muscle is irritated and this causes spasms. The sound you hear when you hiccup comes from the mouth . (The air flowing through the vocal cords.) To stop the hiccups, excuse yourself from the date for a minute and grab a paper bag. Breathe into the bag for 5 minutes. You’re recycling the air in the lungs that has more carbon dioxide. This calms the nerves and will relieve your hiccupping. Then you are free to enjoy your date (unless you’re eating beans—then see below!)

Dr Oz: Flatulence Freer Yoga Move

Doctor Oz says the average amount of gas a person creates (men and women) is 1 ½ pints per day. Gas is caused by eating fast, carbonated beverages, and sulfur rich foods. To fix a gassy problem try the Flatulence Freer yoga move. To do, lean down and bend knees. Put your hands on the floor and your bottom in the air. (You should be in an arc position.) Go up onto your tiptoes. When you go down, relax your body. (Any air? It’ll come out.) Wiggle legs a bit if you need extra help. (I suggest you do this move at home!)

Dr Oz: Klima Confidence Hand Spray Blocks Sweat

Ashley, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she sweats a lot. It was embarrassing when someone shook her sweaty hand and then wiped their hand right in front of her. Currently, she was using baby powder or wipes, but those didn’t help. Doctor Oz says this is a condition called hyperhidrosis. To fix, try Klima Confidence Hand Spray. Put on in the mornings.

Dr Oz: Sweatblock Wipes for Sweaty Palms

For excessive sweaty hands or hyperhidrosis, Dr Oz says try his 5-minute fix, Sweatblock Wipes, to stop the sweating. To use, simply wipe hands with the wipes and leave on overnight. It lasts for about a week.

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