Tanorexia- Healthy Sun Worship Plan to Help Sun Worshipers- Dr Oz


Doctor Oz spoke about a desire for a tan that becomes an obsession – it is called Tanorexia.  If you are a Sun Worshiper, listen up!  And don’t forget to send this to all of your Sun Worshiper friends who might be suffering from Tanorexia.  Tanorexia

Tanorexia Signs & Symptoms:

Dr Oz brought a lady on his show who tans herself five times a week, at the minimum.  She gets anxiety if she does not tan (Tanorexia sign number one).  She spends all day in the sun during the summer, but still goes to the tanning bed after that.  She said she has been tanning since she was 14 years old.  She always looks in the mirror and thinks she looks white, no matter how tan she is (Tanoexia sign number two).  Tanorexia sounds very similar to Anorexia, where you look in the mirror and always think you look fat.  Dr Oz’s guest says she will get botox or plastic surgery for wrinkles if it is a problem some day.  She admitted that both her mother and sister have already had skin cancer removed.  But her number one priority is still tanning.  If she goes more than two days without tanning, it makes her crazy and she fills with anxiety.


  1. says

    I was really shocked by a couple of missed points with the guest today who could not quit tanning. I’ve been a nurse for 40 years and seen many patients with different cancers caused by sun exposure.
    1.It’s not just about looking “good”. Why is she so insecure about herself? What kind of messages is she getting at home? It’s not a matter of will power for her, she needs professional help for her underlying problems. I don’t want to get into body image, but if she spent as much time with a healthy activity instead of laying still to get a tan, she could get that “toned” body and not “need to tan”.
    2. Most important, what kind of message is she sending to her children, and any other young people in her circle of family and friends now. Maybe now from a distance she feels pretty, young and “fit”, but in 4 or 5 years it’s going to be a different story. When she appears 20yrs older than the other mothers of her children’s friends, how will she liked being asked if she is “Grandma?” Or her sister’s mother? Has she ever seen a woman in her 40’s or 50’s that have brown leather for skin? They always look like sad women trying to be 18 again. They never got the message.
    3. It would have been helpful to have shown her pictures of people with various skin cancers. You can’t just “cut it out” in many cases. The results are often so horrible that people keep a large dressing covering the area of cancer; otherwise it would frighten children and adults. My mother had her entire nose removed and multiple surgery’s to recreate her nose from her cheeks. Needless to say it wasn’t pretty and never looked like a nose again..
    4. Melanoma is not just a different type of cancer that you cut out. Often it has spread to other parts of the body and you may spend the next 5 years getting treatment and tests; if you live that long. (think Grey’s Anatomy). Everyone is worried about cancer on the face, but often melonoma will appear on skin on legs, back, arms…….That is why it often goes unseen for many people until a cure is possibly out of reach.
    The woman on the show comes across as very selfish, and “dumb” when you know she isn’t going to do anything. Someone must see that she gets professional psychiatric help and close followup with a plastic surgeon.
    It’s just very sad to see people do this to themselves; it’s the same as a person who is an alcoholic or drug addict. You just watch them slowly kill themselvesl

  2. Heather says

    I too watched the Dr. Oz show today for a few different reasons. The first being that I have been a friend of that “dumb” and selfish woman since childhood and the second being that on January 16th I lost one of my very best friends to a 10 year battle against melanoma (she was 30 years old). I am an MRI technologist and see many heartbreaking cases on a daily basis and I also think it is important to educate on the dangers of addictive behavior.

    The main reason for my post is to address your “knowing” that “she isn’t going to do anything”. I am proud to say that Meghan has only tanned 3 times in the past 23 days, so I guess you are wrong about a couple of things when it comes to Meghan.

  3. Lisa says

    In response to the nurse above…Nurse??? Is she serious??? Shame Shame! As a nurse I am insulted we share the same profession. How can Joan watch a short segment about an individual on a television show make assessment and then render an opinion about someone and put said derogatory thoughts in print! She used discriptions such as “insecure, selfish and dumb”. Wow I am impressed with the acute assessment skills Joan has developed in her 40 years in nursing. She can learn all of these intimate details about a person over a TV! I hope to be half as great a nurse in my career. As an experienced nurse myself, I have to actually be present with my patient. I have to develop a relationship, complete a history and do a physical. Joan, is your nursing background Oncology? Psych? or ESP?
    For brief moments it seems as if you have suggestion and intervention that actually may help and be of use to Meghan. Isn’t that what the Nursing profession is all about? The art of caring and compassion for your fellow man?
    Happy Nurses Week Joan!!!
    From Lisa RN
    One of Meghan’s VERY DEAR FRIENDS!
    Who watchs over her and cares for her. This show was a step for her. This was her eye opener. In order to make a change the person has to want change. We can all want it for her but it cannot happen until she wants it for herself. Meghan has a fan club ….who are all behind her! If you are not one of them the just LOG OFF!

  4. says

    I just want to say in seeing the show, re watching it on Youtube, and in reading these comments, I am more convinced in the courage of Meghan. It takes alot to admit that you have an addiction or a problem in every day life, but it takes even more to admit it on national television. I admire her courage and I wish her the best of luck on her journey to deal with this tanning obsession. I truly hope that she can see her inner beauty and be able to start focusing on that and her family and children. Meghan you got it girl, just show the world just how much you have going for you. And just know that you have alot of people who admire you and support your efforts to tan less and also who are sure that you will come through this whole thing stronger than you went in. We are our own worst enemies and I think years of insecurities has left you forgetting that that person looking back at you in the mirror is beautiful, intelligent, and so much more than she gives herself credit for! Good luck Meghan!! We are rooting for you! Look how much change you have already done in 23days!

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