The Dr Oz School Challenge: Weight Loss for Teens


Doctor Oz along with HeathCorps and Chiquita started the Dr Oz School Challenge 60 days ago – a Weight Loss for Teens program.  Dr Oz took 6 Overweight Teens from New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, New York and put them on this Weight Loss for Teens program to teach them how to eat healthy.  Dr Oz never focuses on losing weight for a teen, because they are supposed to be growing.  Instead, Dr Oz focuses on how many inches the teen’s waists are.  Weight Loss for Teens


  1. Christine Zindle says

    Anastasia was caught in the middle of making macaroni and cheese with cheese, butter, milk, and macaroni. Jake revamped the macaroni and cheese recipe to make a healthy and diet version using reduced fat cheddar cheese, whole grain pasta, fat free milk, olive oil and broccoli, which is high in calcium and antioxidants. I’ve seen this show and I was wondering how I can get this Healthy and diet version of Macaroni and Cheese? Thank you! [email protected]

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