The Land of Dr Oz: Wizard of Oz Themed Dr Oz Show


Dr Oz did a show called The Land of Dr Oz, which was a Wizard of Oz themed Dr Oz Show.  Doctor Oz said that everyone needs guidance when it comes to health, but you can be your own health wizard.  The main message of The Wizard of Oz is that you have the power within you, which is exactly Dr Oz’s point of his show today.

Dr Oz: How To Prevent A Stroke

Dr Oz showed the inside of a brain from a person who had a stroke.  You could see where the blood hemorrhaged in the brain from the stroke.  Dr Oz said that 75 million Americans have Dr Oz Land Of Ozhigh blood pressure, and one third of them do not even know it.  Your ideal blood pressure is 115/75.  Dr Oz said that one solution for people with high blood pressure is to look for powerful antioxidants over-the-rainbow.  Eat things like grapes, blueberries, brussel sprouts, pomegranates, yams and strawberries.  Dr Oz said that if you eat 1 cup of strawberries or blueberries every week, you help to lower your blood pressure and to open up blood vessels.

Dr Oz: How To Prevent A Heart Attack

Dr Oz said that the Tin Man had a big heart, but he did not want a lot of cholesterol to make his heart super big.  A normal heart is around the size of your fist.  If you have a heart attack from blockages of your arteries, your heart becomes very large.  If you look at the heart of a person who had a heart attack, you can also see yellow areas where plaque is growing in the heart.  Every minute a person dies from a Heart Attack, which is often caused by high cholesterol.

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