Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo: Long Island Medium Housewife Talks to Dead


Dr Oz: Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

Ever wonder what happens the moment you die? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by TLC’s Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo (who you can read more about here). Theresa, the housewife who talks to the dead, says she knows exactly what happens when our loved ones die and today, she revealed the answers to you!


  1. terriej says

    She’s a talented cold reader. The fact that she talks so much and so fast distracts the audience from the fact that she is repeating back to the person things they just told her. Whenever she’s wrong….it’s just because it’s something coming through for somebody else, how convenient.

    Dr. Oz, don’t be so gullible. Have you ever noticed that these people who claim to talk to the dead like this woman and John Edwards follow the same exact script? It’s the same script that honest cold readers who don’t claim to be psychic use.

  2. rene marbut says

    i do believe. i watch her she is good at what she does and i have things happen to me all the time. i came in late on the show today and could kick myself. but i do have a question my sister has been dead now for almost 3 years it has been hard on all of us especially my mom.she according to the police and her husband killed herself. we don’t believe it at all, she was a church going and did not believe in suicide so now we are here having to believe it for ourselves and i got to say its not working. i am curious to know if Theresa could find out for sure. i do have a copy of her death certificate and my mom hasn’t read it yet but it is not good either.all the bruises and drugs in her.i am afraid she might have done it but by mistake.

  3. Sam says

    Dr. Oz I was sad to see her act as if she is really connecting with people’s loved once who passed away. I can tell by looking at you that yoy 2, questioned her ability. Common sense tells me that she is total nuts. She is feeding on volunrable people who will believe anything told to make a connection to those who passed to make a buck or two.

    She has a big imagination and is confident person and try’s to connect any thing and everything to people.

  4. Shirley says

    We have to keep an open mind…..yes, I think some of them might be fakes but not all of them.

  5. Rita says

    People should have an open mind about this, not everyone is the same. I belive her and I love watching her show. I’ve been to a medium 1 time and I never gave her any clues or background and she was on target with things that only I knew. There are too many people that can’t wrap their brain around anything that may surprise or upset their little world.

  6. Pat P says

    I have had a very odd happening. For around 2 weeks I have found a total of 14 clear marbles on my back door mat. I have tried to find any meaning to this but to absolutely no avail. I have found anywhere from 1 – 5 marbles at a time. Please, if you have any in site please advise. Thank you in advance. You really perked my attention. I loved seeing you.
    Thanks for any information you can give me.

  7. says

    Some folks can be so small minded. I would love to be able to talk to Theresa myself. I smell the flowers. Many other things happen to me that I can not explain. Please keep an open mind. You wll see someday.i

  8. marilyn says

    She appears to be very believable, but being a Christian I cannot believe her. There is nothing in the Bible that indicated a person can return in spirit. There is supposed to be no tears in heaven either and I am sure if spirits returned there would be many tearful situations.

  9. marilyn says

    Also there ARE evil spirits in the world that could be quite capable of deception. They are very smart and we should not estimate their power of influence.

  10. Walson says

    Vocal figures who come from the scientific community (or at least strongly associate with it), such as James Randi, and many others, have what amounts to a virtual crusade against anyone that claims to speak to the dead. They have decided that it’s a closed case, and these people are all frauds or just crazy enough to delude themselves that they do this.

    There is such a deeply-rooted belief in those who love science that the brain creates and produces consciousness. Therefore, when the brain activity stops, consciousness stops. This explains why they say that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE for a medium to exist, and 100% IMPOSSIBLE for near-death experiences to be real, outside-the-brain-and-body phenomena.

    But that reductionist materialistic belief has been disproved by evidence repeatedly. I’ve studied NDEs and mediums for years and there are many cases that defy the brain-solely-generates-consciousness hypothesis.

    For true scientists, who look at evidence first, and base their theories off of that, rather than their ingrained personal beliefs, a great compendium and investigation of the evidence disproving the reductionist materialistic theory of consciousness can be found in the book (Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century), by Edward and Elizabeth Williams Kelly. On Amazon and many other sellers.

    Many people love charismatic James Randi and his passionate debunking speeches of people he thinks are frauds. But the science (at least with respect to consciousness) that he and many others still are stuck in, is old news. New evidence has changed things, and many scientists are reluctant to go there, because there is so much at stake in this reductionist materialist worldview. Changing this, and acknowledging that there definitely seems to be an afterlife and consciousness outside of the brain and body, would change how we looked at life, and many of our values.

    NDErs talk about the importance of love, and that we are all connected. Just think what that would do to the booming military industrial complex and other industries that exploit others. It would force us to face these issues with a knowledge that we are exploiting ourselves in the end, whenever we do these things. It would change our view of what is important in life, as it does for many NDErs, who come back so changed that they find it hard to live in such a materialistic and in many ways narcissistic culture.

  11. says

    I do believe in Theresa’s gift and enjoy watching her show and the unexpected connections she delivers to people who never requested anything of her.

  12. Arthur says

    How sad that in 2012 there are still people like Caputo who take advantage of the grieving. Sadder still is how many people fall for something so obviously fake.

  13. Wendy says

    In time believe happens when it is right for that person. The veil is lifting, the spirit world is connecting and healing is occurring. I’ve watched Theresa for a long time now, she is a beautiful soul who is a healer. The world needs more healers to debunk the skeptics….

  14. Barb Boulter says



  15. Bob says

    This woman should appear on The Mentalist series. She is a con artist just as the main character was in his “cold” readings. She is taking advantage of people, period. Christians do not need a medium to tell us about our loved ones who have crossed over Jordan to be with our Heavenly Father, that is, if they were Christians themselves. We know that they are in glory worshiping the Father now, and we will see them again one day, should we, too, have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and go across the Jordan to be with them in paradise. We don’t need earthly scam artists like this to “channel” our loved ones. She repeats — quickly I might add — what she has been told. Turns it somewhat at times. Usually she uses phrases that could be 50/50. Kreskin has given example after example of how it is done.

  16. Linda Polk says


  17. Kathy says

    Who knows? The world is bigger than I am and there is so much out in the world that we don’t know. For me, I will keep an open mind as to the possibilty there are people who may be gifted and can speak with those who have gone on. Who knows? Not up to me to say real or not real. I just am not that smart that I can say with 100% certainty either way.

  18. Angelena says

    Why was Dr. Oz holding her book she writes in up so long? I felt like he was wanting the camera person to zoom in on she wrote. She also seemed a little nervous while he was holding it up. I tryed to pause it and zoom in. I still could not make it out. If someone knows, coment!THANKS

  19. barb boulter says

    I have watched this women from Day 1, on her show. Believe me she IS the real deal…Now think about this. …she flies in to be in Dr. Oz’s show…. she does NOT know who the heck she is going to get for an audience…but still…she reads them pretty much bang on…Come on folks…she has the gift..and if you watch her show…it ain’t all roses let me tell you !!!! They said the same thing about Sylvia Browne, and she is absolutely amazing also…and has been around for ever. There are people on this earth, with her gift, and we have to embrace it, and see it for what it is…and marvel at it…Dr. Oz would never have a fake person on his show EVER….so that tells you something right there….BELIEVE !!~~***** Why do we as humans have such a hard time believing in something we cannot really see, or touch….?????


  20. barb boulter says


    GET IT RIGHT FOLKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. janet says

    I think she is one of those who really has a talent to talk 2 dead people. I know some people or should i say there are still a lot who claims they can see or tlk 2 dead people but d truth s they r fake n just want 2 collect money fr people who believe in dem. But this lady i know n believe dat she s not fake. Guess we all have our own beliefs so y dnt we just respect each others beliefs. Anyways we all have our own freedom of speech.

  22. sweettrinighal says

    ok open mind or not, i do believe theresa, i have been to a medium before nd this woman told me things that made me walk out of there saying she is bugging out and nuts , but low and behold she was on the money the exact things she said came to pass, this woman gave me 3 numbers she was not sure what roll they would have played in my life that she said to me play the lotto with them, and those same 3 numbers my last 3 kids was born on those same dates. they can not only see the dead but they can see your life aswell…

  23. Are You Kidding Me? says

    Seriously? Putting her on shows like this adds credibility to a swindler. I don’t have to know HOW she tricks us, only that she IS tricking us. Look – you can go to a very talented magician and he can make the Statue of Liberty disappear but you don’t actually believe he did that – even though you don’t know HOW he made it appear that way. Psychic readers are the same way.
    I would bet someone from the FBI or CIA could convince people they were psychic too, when in fact they are just very skilled at reading body language, reactions and small changes in facial expressions.
    Stop providing this woman with money – her and her deadbeat husband – and let her earn her money like everyone else. Preying on the most vulnerable should not be a profession we accept and condone in a normal society.

  24. says

    Ok I have been following T.caputo for a very long time and I hope the show gets aired again missed it went back to work but I frequently watchged dr.oz..anyway go I read your opinion -Walson but the Dead loved ones talk to “her in the spirit world”she never sought them out.if you follow her,there is no way she could know my cousins friend from NY her close friend was in a tradtragic car accidentnt with such accurate details that. No one knew but her!!!!! She has a gift. And I’m Catholic but so what it just brings me closer

  25. Walson says


    I feel that Theresa is 100% legitimate myself. My comment above is addressed to intellectual types or those who like science, to help them see that the materialistically-biased “it can’t be possible” explanations are outdated.

    I’ve had a lot of spiritual experiences myself, and been to private mediums. I’ve studied them for a while and they know things (real mediums, at least–there are frauds, just like with any profession) that they couldn’t possibly know.

    I don’t doubt for a second that she knew about your cousin’s car accident. She is a great person and role model to show how to help others. We don’t think about that much in our selfish society. But we are here to help each other, and love more.

  26. says

    I consider myself an educated and skeptical person, but having said that, I do believe her. I probably wouldn’t have believed her had I not had an out-of-body-experience when I was 23, and after that it really opened my mind up to things that we cannot necessarily see with our own eyes. I have had other things happen to me through my life which convince me that there are things that exist which science cannot yet prove.

    I have extremely limited psychic abilities myself — sometimes, in rare instances, I can sense whether someone is a very good or very bad person simply by the energy they give off. So if I can do this, then it would seem to me that there can be other people who have similar abilities in varying degrees. Also one time I went to a psychic and she knew stuff about me and my family that she would have absolutely no way on earth of knowing. Some of the things she said didn’t even make sense at first, and we had to check with other family members to figure out what she was talking about. As it turned out, she knew stuff about my family that even I didn’t know about — but it turned out that she was correct.

    I’m not saying there aren’t people out there who are very good at cold reading and exploit people’s desires, but I also believe there are people who have abilities that others do not understand. Would a person who lived 2,000 years ago understood the “magic” of how a nuclear reactor works? So maybe in a couple thousand years we’ll be able to understand these abilities a little better…

  27. says

    Every “psychic” I have seen on television behaves just like this particular guest. They are clearly showmen or showwomen. It is no coincidence that the most “talented” of these people make tons of money from readings, book deals and T.V. appearances. I have never seen an individual who claims to have the ability act in a humble, unassuming manner. If I had such a profound ability, the last thing I would do would to become some type of flim flam artist. I would be in the possession of the answer to the most profound question that faces all humans: Is their life after death? I would provide my service for next to nothing. I would make myself available to scientists so that they could study and quantify my abilities. I would be in awe of that gift and could never use it to run some type of carnival act. It would be much too profound of a gift to treat in any other way. Call me when you find such an individual. I might then give this stuff some credence.

  28. theresa says

    I have seen Theresa several times. She is dead on. She will say is there a birthday,anniversary ect if spirit wants to talk about it. She knows about tatoo’s that aren’t showing that were done off a doodle the deceased drew before they died, she knows about specifics of an accident that wasn’t in the papers or FB or any social site as there is a lawsuit involved ect. While there are fakes out there she is NOT one of them.

  29. Ryan Allen says

    Won’t spend much of my time to convince morons she is fake. Fake as hell. If your not trolling and your serious about her being “the real deal” than you are better off with the spirits instead of spreading your stupid ideals.

  30. Ann H. says

    Well Ryan… speaking of trolls… assuming that you weren’t up late after a long night of crack and alcohol abuse and trolling at 3:26 a.m. and were speaking with a clear mind, I’d just have to say that brain-dead narrow-minded idiots like you will probably never believe anything and will always live in the Dark Ages inside your own feeble little mind. People used to kill others over the idea that the earth was flat too (it isn’t, just in case I need to remind someone with your obviously limited intellect that it isn’t). And just because you can’t see something with your lazy, decrepit eyes doesn’t mean it’s not real or doesn’t exist. Gravity is real, but you probably don’t believe in that either. Please don’t reply to this and make a bigger fool out of yourself than you already have. It’s shameful other people can be so stupid and narrow-minded. I’d bet money you’re probably a Republican too. (Thank goodness I have MS and JD degrees so you can’t classify me as a “moron”.)

  31. says


    LOVED YOUR COMMENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. says

    Im a psychic medium as well- I’m not a tv star nor am I a con artist. I’m an average 39 yr old mother of 3, living in small town America. I’m not preying on or taking advantage of anyone. Theresa’s ability is real & so is mine. We are blessed to be able to help others move on with their lives by relaying messages from their loved ones- often giving closure & peace that is so needed. If you are such a non believer, why did you watch the show, then take the time to comment here? Some of these comments mention the fact that most psychics say the same type things or have similar answers about death- when I watched this, I was so happy to hear that Theresa & I say similar things & have the same answers! We never met, how do you explain our descriptions, answers, sessions, etc being almost identical? It’s because it’s all true & the fact that we all give similar info helps prove it. Bless the skeptics- it’s a lonely life for those who believe their loved ones are gone & not with them after death,

  33. Are You Kidding Me? says

    I want to address the ‘why’ question I always seem to read when a non-believer comments on this. The ‘why’ answer is simple: it is dangerous and it preys on the emotionally weak and wounded within our society. I don’t think that is something we should condone or accept – do you? Preying on a woman who just lost a child and providing false hope (especially for money) is not something I like to stand idly by and watch. So yes, I am a 100% NON-BELIEVER in this garbage, and I want people to use their brain and be skeptical when people step forward and claim to be able to speak to dead relatives. I think it makes for a better society when we are policing claims of predators. That is why I read the article, because I am hopeful we can progress in our society to a place where people like this don’t play a prominent part.

  34. Sidney L. says

    Faith is one thing outright STUPIDITY is another. If God wanted you to talk to the dead, He’d let you! This is a bit as old as time.There are people who want to believe so badly or just cannot cope w/ the loss of a loved one that they are the EASIEST to lead on a “reading.” NEVER, EVER, EVER believe in “Clairvoyants” (I ran this scam for decades) No one can talk to the dead (… except for fictional characters on TV.)

  35. kathryn says

    IMO, the Long Island Medium is a fake but she seems very well intentioned to help people. People can spend years in therapy getting over the death of a loved one. If a psychic or medium can tell someone what they want to hear and move on, isn’t that better than years on a therapist’s couch or a bunch of anti-depressants.

  36. says

    I would like to believe, but it doesn’t make sense that people will “move on to another place” or whatever they say that people go to. Death is scary and we try to make it less scary by inventing an afterlife, or a medium that talks to ghost. Even the Neanderthal buried their dead with trinkets and sent them on to the afterlife. It is a human condition, we are the only species that believes that we will die. We have to cope in various ways, and we believe that our loved ones are waiting for us.

  37. are you kidding me? says

    amanda – i hear that response a lot too and i say it could absolutely have untold consequences. who knows what choices this deception will cause or deter in the future of this person? deception should never be tolerated and predatory behavior on our most emotionally vulnerable should not be shrugged off.

  38. H. says

    “deception should never be tolerated and predatory behavior on our most emotionally vulnerable should not be shrugged off.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I am baffled and more than a little disappointed that Dr. Oz would interview her, let alone that he was “ecstatic” – “ecstatic”? really? – to have her on.

    I don’t think anyone knows for sure what happens after death. I tend to think that our individual fates after death, as in this life, are not necessarily similar.
    I also know that true clairvoyants exist – but I have yet to see a single true clairvoyant in the public eye. So far, all that I’ve seen are frauds. Some know they are frauds (like the infamous Sylvia Browne, to name just one); others may genuinely believe they have some sort of contact, when in reality they are cold reading.
    But the impact is the same: they are deluding – and more often than not charging money to – people overwhelmed by grief.

    From what I’ve seen so far, Mrs. Caputo is a moderately talented cold reader at best.
    It is embarrassing to watch those poor people fall for her theatrics based purely on what THEY had told her. In other words, she just “plays back” the information she extracts from them, enhanced with colorful histrionics,

  39. H. says


    you said:

    “I’ve studied them for a while and they know things (real mediums, at least–there are frauds, just like with any profession) that they couldn’t possibly know”

    Yes. I know there are genuine clairvoyants; but what they are doing, in my opinion, is reading the MIND.
    They read the mind – or the “field of information” that each and every one of us carry around at all times, if you will. That is how they know things they could not possibly know – sometimes even things that the client herself or himself appaear not to know at the time.
    They extract information from the common “pool” of consciousness.
    They do not speak to the dead.


  40. H. says

    “Bless the skeptics- it’s a lonely life for those who believe their loved ones are gone & not with them after death,”

    Shelly – it may or may not be a “lonely,” life, but whatever it is, it is what it is without false crutches.
    It may be much more difficult (or not), but if it is difficult, it is because of the PROGRESS being made to make some SENSE out of life without those crutches – just like you cannot ascend a mountain or a flight of stairs without some effort, step by step.

    Bless you, too.
    I mean it.

  41. says

    Not sure what to believe. I will say that I was very surprised to see Dr. Oz have a guest like Mrs. Caputo on his show. I’m always willing to open my mind to something different but I’m still not sure if I can conclude this is the “real deal”. I do worry that perhaps people might spend too much time trying to connect with the dead instead of actually spending time living. Our loved ones that have passed, and I’m sure even Mrs. Caputo, would surely want us all to enjoy our time left here.

    That being said, if watching her show gives some people peace (in addition to entertainment which the series is all about I think) there’s no harm there. I’m sure I’ll be watching her show, well at least once…

    Patti Graham, Author

  42. Stephanie says

    I do not understand why people need to throw around the name “moron” or fling an insult at someone who believes in what Caputo does. Is it your money they are spending on her services? Do they invite you to the reading and take time out of your day? NO!! Leave the believers alone. She offers people closure that they might not otherwise receive. Even if she is a “gifted” cold reader, who cares. Personally, I don’t see her “spitting back what the person said”. She walks up to complete strangers and knows things about them they she really should not know. She has a gift and some people seem to be so caught up in science and disproving the little bit of pure magic this world has left.

    To the person who called her husband a dead beat, where do you get off doing that? I’m quite interested to know what he has done to fall into that category.

    To the person who associated being close minded with being a Republican: What the heck does that have to do with anything being discussed in this article? If you are a Liberal you are more open minded? That makes a ton of sense.

  43. Ann H. says


    I’m the one who associated being close-minded with being a Republican (or conservative). The fact that liberals are more open-minded than conservatives (who tend to be more rigid in their thought processes) is one of the most well-known defining characteristics of liberals. But don’t take my word for it, this is what many studies have shown as well (conservatives also tend to react to fear more too, which is why you see the more frightening types of stories such as terrorism threats on the Fox News Channel as opposed to other channels). Liberals also tend to be college-educated whereas conservatives tend to have less education, and there is a high correlation between less education and higher degrees of narrow-mindedness. In other words, the less education one has the more narrow-minded one is. It’s no different than less education = higher ignorance. This is not to say that ALL conservatives or Republicans are narrow-minded and ignorant, just that there is a higher correlation. So the association is extremely valid and not off-topic.

  44. Shelly says

    If Teresa is not a fake then why don’t the spirits tell her who killed them? Why isn’t she working for the police and/or FBI and solving murder cases? She’s as fake as Sylvia Brown is and all the rest of them. But she is definitely good at her job.
    Have you noticed when she gets something right, she starts talking even louder and faster? I think it surprises her half the time when she happens to hit on something that is right. Ok, such as the moo-moo that somebody’s grandmother wore. She went on to say “And did she keep kleenex in the pockets!?” Well duh! Didn’t all grandmothers that wore moo-moos keep kleenex wadded up in the pockets, LOL!

  45. steve says

    Just have so called mediums commit to an injection of sodium pentathol or truth serum , and that will give everyone the correct answer. That way the medium could contact the wives of Drew Peterson and they will tell who killed them, and where their remains are.

  46. Eric says

    I never believed it so i would criticize.. because I didn’t know any better. Nobody does. Whatever people don’t understand they have to criticize. Some things just cannot be explained. my wife lost her brother years ago and we swear our kids talk to him at times. They bring up things about my wife’s country that we have NEVER, EVER talked to them about. Ever. They hear music and they yell “Peru” and at night, i can hear my little boy having a conversation with his “tio” (spanish word for uncle). My little girl and my little boy (twins) will COMPLETELY stop in their tracks while playing and laughing and point and see a figure. AT the SAME time. Nobody can explain it but i’m sure they see and talk to our loved ones.

  47. Ruth says

    Okay I remember reading that this woman was accused of using a laptop computer to look up info about people she was going to read, like obits and things mainly for locals who live in her area. She denied it and in the early shows you could see a computer in her kitchen or dining area and then they took it out after all the controversy. Now, no I Phones, no computers, ANYWHERE in the house or car. That in itself is strange. Have you seen teenagers lately who are not on their phones texting or on the computers? Well, you don’t see her, the husband or the kids using the internet on TV. That would be odd at my house.

    Anyway, I’m not sure I buy her….although I do believe in ghosts, spirits, and other kinds of paranormal.

    I KNOW for a fact my brother in law woke me one night and stood by the side of my bed saying “take care of my family”. He repeated it 3 times while I climbed out of bed and was asking him, “what are you talking about….is everything okay….”. Then he was gone. Just plain gone….I never went back to bed that night.

    He died of a drug overdose at 1:30am (the same time I saw him) I was told the next morning. But see, I already knew it by then. I had figured out what I saw was a ghost and that he was dead. I was not asleep, he was not a dream. I know what I saw that night.

    True story, so see, I KNOW things happen we cannot explain I’m just not sure about this lady.

  48. betty says

    my new son-in-law talked to my husband when they were getting a massage on their honeymoon

  49. Phil McCracken says

    Hi Loreece.

    Thanks for your reply. I disagree with you. I use those words for two reasons.
    1. To be funny.
    2. Most importantly to get your attention. The idiots in here that take her seriously for more than 5 seconds need to be slapped in the face. Dave use to have these fools on his show so we could al laugh at them for the weirdos they are. Last night was just insulting that Dave is trying to pass this woman off as anything but a complete joke.

    It’s funny to see the women in here that say they believe and enjoy her show. That’s great because that’s exactly the target demographic. 40 to 60 year old, fat, uneducated women who couldn’t spell CAT if you spotted them the C and the T.

  50. Wimbly says

    Theresa doesn’t use her laptop go google or look up her clients. All she knows is their first name, telephone number, and address.

    So many people have fully bought into the strict materialistic view of the universe. It’s still a *belief* that our brains produce our consciousness, and that when we die, our consciouness dies.

    Many people have had profound near-death experiences, met lost relatives who told them things they never knew before and that matched up when the later asked others about it.

    Many people have had experiences that directly invalidate the narrow reductionist materialistic view reality. Yet many believers of that paradigm stubbornly hold to it, no matter what evidence shows up.

    It seems many people just don’t *want* to think about a possible afterlife. Maybe the way they treated others in this world, things they have done, make them feel guilty deep inside, and due to that, they have a subconscious fear of anything more. They *want* everything to be gone when they die.

    Maybe they are intellectual and went through rigorous science and engineering education, which ingrains in its students that things like intuition and “the spiritual” are for weak minds, and that they are a complete waste of time to even look at.

  51. Kevin Taylor says

    Phil, I’m a 48 year old male with three college degrees and I believe Theresa. I agree with Loreece… you don’t need to use foul and insulting language.

    I also agree with Wimbly as well. Just because you personally don’t believe in something does not me it isn’t true or doesn’t exist. I used to not believe in psychics or channelers myself…. until I had an out of body experience myself, which profoundly changed my views on a lot of things. If you were to have the same experience, I’m sure you would change your views too.

    I have also had something similar happen to me once in regards to what Wembly said: “Many people have had profound near-death experiences, met lost relatives who told them things they never knew before and that matched up when the later asked others about it”. To someone who doesn’t know me, they’d most likely not believe me, but I know it happened, and that proves it to me.

    It’s OK for people to disagree, but that doesn’t prove you’re right.

  52. Phil McCracken says

    OK Kevin,

    I didn’t say that only idiot women watched and believed, just that was the target demographic. Of course there’s plenty of clueless men that watch the show too. I’m guessing exactly zero of your multiple degrees from Redneck Community College ( or what I like to call the 13th grade) have no science background. Let me take another guess, you’re from the south?

    Ah yes. It was just a matter of time before someone brought up psychics. Another sham portrayed on weak-minded religious fools. If any of these scam-artists could prove they have one ounce of this so called power, they would make a billion dollars over night. But they can’t. So they don’t. Luckily for them they have you believers who are in, hook, line, and sinker.

    Next week lets debate other hot topics like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

  53. are you kidding me? says

    while this is entertaining, it is becoming very clear that logic, reason or plain old common sense is not going to change the minds of the believers. i think phil, while maybe rubbing you the wrong way with his colorful language, is making a very valid point. if someone was truly gifted, they could use that to solve all murders by speaking to relatives.
    my last plea: this is a scam. i know you want it to be true, heck i would like that too, but it is a scam. this has been around forever- fortune tellers, plam readers, psychics, mediums…it is all the same: designed to prey on those emotionally injured and looking for anything to grasp on to. that is the saddest part of this whole thing- that we continue to allow this and accept it to the point that it is highlighted on Anderson Copper 360 or Dr Oz. i sometimes think of society 100 years from now or so and imagine what they’ll think of us when they read story titles like the one from this story “housewife talks to the dead”. it is this type of thinking and belief patterns that halt true progress.

  54. Wimbly says

    “are you kidding me?” said:

    “while this is entertaining, it is becoming very clear that logic, reason or plain old common sense is not going to change the minds of the believers”

    The same could be said for those who belief that consciousness after physical death is impossible, despite the mounting evidence otherwise.

    Those who don’t acknowledge facts, and keep up the extremely prevalent but misguided belief that people like Theresa MUST BE fake (cold reading, warm reading, hot reading) and THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, are stuck in an unrealistic paradigm.

    Why not be a real scientist and say, “We don’t know for sure if Theresa is fake. There could be natural laws we don’t yet know about or understand, such as are pointed to by emerging quantum physics research that may help to explain what’s going on here. We need more of an open mind.” ?

  55. Kevin Taylor says

    Wimbly, it’s because those who refuse to believe are the ones who are truly the most close-minded. You cannot change a mind that is closed and hard as concrete, so why even try?

    I am confident that one day science will be able to prove that what Theresa says she experiences is true. People used to also believe the earth was flat too, and of course we know now this isn’t the case. Isn’t it funny how confident they are too? They are CERTAIN that Theresa must be a fake, therefore it’s true. How narrow-minded can one get?

  56. Phil McCracken says

    “are you kidding me”–that was the best post on the board. Nice job. I wish I could post something as clear thought out and precise and respectful as that. I can’t so I will not even try.

    Kevin and Wimbly aka dumb and dumber. Please feel free to show this mounting evidence you speak of. It doesn’t exist. When any of you dolts gets backed into a corner you play the ” people used to think the world is flat card”. Brilliant! Trust me mensa member, back then there were more kooks like you running around thinking people could talk to the dead or see the future. Things are betting better not worse. People are getting smarter not dumber with a few exceptions like yourselves.

    Back to Letterman the other night because I’ve never heard of Theresa before. She graced us all with a couple of quick readings. ” I’m seeing someone over here has lost someone”. Wow! How about that? In a studio of 500 people she thinks someone has lost a loved one! What are the odds of that? She quickly located her fool as some back stage stooge comes forward to listen to more drivel. ” I’m seeing something with the stomach or the pancreas”. You’re allegedly talking to him/her. Why don’t you just ask? ” I’m seeing that you wonder if they had found it in time would they be able to save their life”. ” They say no”. The stooge off stage just nods his head as he knows what this all is and don’t want to says what’s really on his mind.

    I’d love to come in contact with Theresa. Keep believing Lloyd and Harry. I’d say the odds of this woman not being a complete liar are about one in a million. So in true dumb and dumber fashion, I’m saying there’s a chance!

  57. Wimbly says

    Phil, your conduct says enough about you for readers to discern whether you are a valid voice of reason or not.

    For readers out there with an open mind, the IANDS (International Association of Near-death Studies) website is a good place to start. iands.org — Many people have been declared clinically dead, with no heartbeat, no brain activity, etc. and have woken up sometimes hours after the time they were declared clinically dead. This topic is one that many reductionist materialists still try to deny and find excuses for. The facts are that many people report seeing loved ones — many times those they never even knew about, until later asking their living relatives about the older generations — and experiencing a hyper-real realm that felt more real and alive than this reality or dimension here.

    Mediums have also picked up on things that were deeply hidden, such as inside jokes, family secrets, etc. that no one except one or two people in the world would know about. Skeptics are often turned–if not to “believers”–into at least accepting the fact that something strange is going on that cannot be explained by the standard ideas.

    Theresa and other real mediums often leave a trail of stunned awe in their wake when they spontaneously get information (profound information at that) for people standing in line at shows (like Letterman), and the producers and sound guys on her own TV show. It happens spontaneously and she does not have time to do an internet search, or ask 20 questions, or fish for clues from the person as many closed-minded skeptics constantly assert.

    I’ve had my own experiences, and Keven here has as well. Many people have had experiences like this that cause them to question the commonly held beliefs that death is final, and that people like Theresa are all fakes. That’s just way too simplistic and naive an assertion.

    You can go ahead and try to slander and discredit what I’ve said here, since that seems the only tactic you and many others who think like you do, but in the end, we will all see the truth for ourselves.

  58. are you kidding me? says

    Look, it is obvious that no one here is going to change their minds based on this back-and-forth. However, I ask one question of you: if you TRULY had this gift, you personally, what would you do with it? Would you parade yourself on TV, start a reality TV show and spend your time the way she does…or would you spend your time bringing closure and justice to scores of family ripped apart by tragedy and violence? Would you spend your time hunting child killers and abducters by “speaking” to their victims and getting hide-out locations, names, descriptions, etc? I’m the last person anyone would call a Saint, and even I would be doing things like this with a true gift like the one Teresa claims to have.

    You see, that’s really all I need to think about here – forget the “people though the world was flat” comments b/c Phil is correct: many more people believed in witchcraft and psychics hundreds of years ago vs today – and what’s the reason for that? The reason is science. Science has explained the “magic” out of many things and now people are left with an ever-shrinking item list to tab as magical or beyond a physical world explanation. I suggest that as time progresses, our understanding of the universe and our place in it will also progress and make the types of claims from people like Teresa 100% implausible. Best example I can give you (although it still goes on today somewhat unfortunately) is snake-oil salesman. Years ago, people would make all sorts of claims about a tonic they made in their home and sell it to sick and trusting people. Well today, we have scientific research, controlled trials and the FDA to police these claims and products, ensuring we are not scammed or that desparate, sick people aren’t taken advantage of. Isn’t this the same thing – just emotionally sick, not physically sick people being taken advantage of?

  59. Loreece says

    Hey Phil, ever heard “In the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes”? You are one venomous person in YOUR criticism of people who don’t believe as YOU think they should believe.

  60. Wow says

    People are SO hateful!! Completely off topic on whether or not she has abilities, but why are you Phil, attacking her weight? I can damn well bet you are quite large yourself. Her weight has NOTHING to do with her abilities. She is not even fat to begin with! She looks amazing for her age.

    Keep on spewing your hatred for something you don’t understand. Most people tend to hate something they fear. Are you scared that someone might actually be able to communicate with those who have passed? Get over yourself and let the believers be. Your hateful comments are not going to change their minds. but will continue to make you look like a horrible person.

  61. Phil McCracken says

    Hi Loreece,
    What does death and taxes have to do with how venomous I appear? I guess it’s something you can count on when it comes to these frauds like Theresa. You’re right. Death, Taxes and these people are full of it. Throw another one in there. You’ll never go broke under estimating the intelligence of the American public. I don’t care what you believe. As a matter a fact I encourage you to spend your money on this garbage.

    Wow. I liked your post better 8 minutes earlier under the name Loreece. Talk about frauds! I would think all these dead people with “pacreas” problems she talks to her might tell her to get that under control. Then again, she don’t ask them questions, she asked the poor sap who thinks she’s real questions. So to answer your question LOREECE, I’m not scared that someone can communicate with the dead because I know they cannot. It pisses me off when people take advantage of weak, saddened people going thru a crisis.

    Are you kidding me said it best. What would you do with that power? Have a cheesy reality show? Take up shop in some back-alley with a neon light buzzing 24 hours a day? No. You would make a billion damn dollars over night proving it thru science and doing wonderful things like solving murders. Not the road Theresa took. Keep believing and keep posting under muliple names. At the end of the day no one cares how stupid you are.

  62. Loreece says

    Sorry you misunderstood me Phil. I did not say you appear to be venemous.
    I said you are venemous in Your criticism of people who don’t believe as You think they should believe.
    FYI Phil, I only use one name.
    At the end of the day, do you think people really care about your opinion or my opinion?
    Probably not.

  63. K. Chapman says

    Phil McCracken, you’re about as ignorant, venomous, hateful, vicious, low class, unevolved, narrow-minded, self-righteous, and spiteful as they come. You should try to work on the personal/psychological problems you have that makes you this way.

  64. Phil McCracken says

    Loreece.. Sorry but not suprised you missed the point. I know you think I’m venemous. You probably think people can talk to the dead. You may have idiotic, incorrect, opinions on many things,

    Do people care what we think? Most don’t. Some do, like the fools that come in here and actually admit they believe and get upset because I think they’re stupid. I’d say I’m sorry but I”m not.. I think you’re stupid if you believe in psychics or mediums or god. I can’t take you that seriously. This is a great country for believing what ever you want. Please do. Respect my opinion, just like Theresa, that I believe you’re stupid if you fall for this crap.

    Tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to find out when this show is on. Not only have I never seen it but I’ve never heard of this fraud until she sat down on Letterman’s chair. I’m going to watch the show and that should give me enough ammo to come in here the next day and blast her. Of course a reality show is not exactly a scientific environment to judge this kook but I’ll do my best. Stay tuned.

    Chapped Man. Anytime you want to discuss evolution with me, you let me know. You can’t last 2 minutes in a discussion with me.

  65. Theresa Wald says

    Have you ever considered seeking psychological care for your anger management issues?

  66. Danielle garrett says

    I have watched some of your shows and i need help i would love for you to talk to my mother for me.. .im lookin for closer.

  67. And this is why she'll never starve (or have to get a job) says

    Seemingly endless supply of people like this…

    Danielle garrett says:
    October 29, 2012 at 2:12 pm I have watched some of your shows and i need help i would love for you to talk to my mother for me.. .im lookin for closer.

  68. Loreece says

    This comment is only directed to the really mean skeptics,
    Can’t we just agree to disagree and leave it at that?

  69. Phil McCracken says

    Hi Loreece.

    Yes we can agree to disagree and for the believers who think this is real we can leave it at that. I will continue to supply anyone with half a brain, information, so hopefully if they’re on the fence, they are never seperated from their money by a fat pig like Theresa. I’m not totally convinced that it’s impossible to change a mind or two. If I can get one person to realize how unrealistic and completely assanine this is then I’ve done my job. There is ZERO evidence that ANYONE has this type of ability. We’re not talking about what is going on in the brain minutes before or after death, or near death experiences. We’re talking about some lard-ass hefer who claims she heard Ed Sullivan talking the other day. He’s been dead for almost 40 years! Loreece you and some of the others are too far gone and I wish you well. The rest of you who didn’t flunk 8th grade science class, there’s still hope. Open your eyes! Don’t be a fool.

    I was supposed to DVR the show last night and totally forgot. I’m sure when I actually get to view an episode it will take me at least 3 or 4 sittings to watch the whole thing. I can only dumb it down for 15 to 20 minutes and pay attention to nonsense like this. You see, when I watch something so stupid and fake, my intelligence gets insulted. I aplogize I was hoping to provide everyone with a review of the show this week and it doesn’t look like that will happen.

    Good night now.

  70. Phil McCracken says

    I was looking for this crappy show tonight and I found something almost as funny. Searching for BigFoot. Have you seen the commercials for this crap. A bunch of drunk hillbillies who actually think big foot exists. They’re out in the woods all covered in possum urine trying to find sasquatch. Tjhey stumble on a shape in the mud that they are certain is a foot print from some half man half beast creature. It’s just so damn funny! Hey here’s an idea. Maybe that fat skank Theresa can summon the dead yetti’s out there solve all the goobers questions.

    I can’t make this stuff up. You people are so stupid and predictable. How do you get thru everyday life?

  71. Loreece says

    My goodness Phil, you must be the smartest man on earth. You seem to know everything and the rest of us are just fools. If I was ever lost in the woods or a forest, would rather be lost with the hillbilly than you any day. At least with the hillbilly his wits might lead us safely out of the woods,, don’t know where a person would wind up if they were with you lost in a forest or woods.

  72. Theresa Caputo says

    It’s me…the real Theresa. I just spoke to the dead relatives of everyone on this chat and they said they all love you. incredible right? They are at peace and they don’t blame you for being too hungover to come see them the morning they died.
    Anyone on this post lose a loved one with an intiial A or B or C or D or E or F or G or H or I? A father-figure or brother-figure or male friend figure? I’m sensing someone has. Well – he wants you to know he’s at peace and that he loves you very much. Am I amazing or what?

    OK…hyperbole…maybe. But is what I wrote above really THAT different than the crap she pulls? Well in one way it’s quite different: no one had to pay me for it.

  73. Phil McCracken is just a troll says

    Phil McCracken you are nothing but a TROLL.

    For those of you who don’t know what a troll is, it’s someone who purposefully posts outrageous and infammatory comments online in order to provoke readers into replying with emotional responses. They’re highly emotionally immature people who have no lives, and have nothing else better to do in their life than to troll the internet looking for forums in which to provoke and harass people because they get their kicks in life by baiting people and then watching the fireworks. These are very sad people indeed. But the best thing to do is just ignore them and hope they crawl back under their rocks from whence they came.

  74. Tasneem says

    I strongly believe in mediums!

    Granted, one never knows if they are for real or if they are frauds, however I know there are genuine ones out there. I would be SO lucky to meet with a true one of them.

    If only a medium would help for no monitory benefits, but unfortunately a lot of the mediums use their gift for business. I think this is a major setback for believers, as the true mediums charge and the fraud meduims charge too.

    Would it not be nice, if one day a medium could contact you to offer you readings / guidance for free, so that not only would they be doing a fulfilling service for themselves, but also a service of gratitude to the “universal white light” that gave them the gift in the first place.

    All I can do is wish, wish, wish, wish that for the first time ever, a true medium would manifest herself / himself to me…

  75. Wimbley says

    Tasneem, I know a few friends who are natural born mediums and offer advice and guidance to me for free. It’s not any official thing—they didn’t tell themselves when they met me, “I’m a medium.” But over time they would share things with me and then slowly reveal that they’ve always do this and do this for friends. One friend like this is adamantly against charging for this.

    But you have to understand that if you are going to make your life’s purpose and career to help people, why should you not earn a decent living? Should the mercenaries who fight these wars of greed receive such high salaries and be considered heroes, while people like Theresa and others must do this for free and beg for money in their off time?

    They don’t owe anyone anything. They want to help. For such valuable guidance/wisdom/healing, what’s wrong with charging the same price as a nice meal at an expensive restaurant? Surely the emotional healing is worth more than a fancy meal.

  76. says

    If she ever told someone that their dead relative isn’t happy with them then she MIGHT have
    some credibility. As it is she preys on people who feel guilty about a loved ones death and
    always assures them that the dead person loves them and is happy. Its all about entertainment and money.

  77. Nikki says

    Theresa read me at the Chicago theater. She is awesome, and completely real. There are things she states that she absolutely COULD NOT know. She even threw me for a loop when she told me my Aunt was there (which she cannot be picking up clues, because I called this Aunt “Grandma”) and when she saw my most beloved pet of all time, a cat named Andre, running around her ankles trying to get her attention. (That’s what he used to do to me, I was forever tripping over him.) She told me that there was like, seven people standing around me. That was exactly how many people I was trying to call down right before the show. Believe it, people, either she is a mind-reader (which is amazing in itself) or she is the real deal.

  78. Anna says

    I feel sorry for you skeptics it must be boring and stagnant to have such hatred and inability to believe in the possibility that people that appear to be doing something for the right reasons maybe really ARE honest good people. I’d much rather go through life believing in the good in people and the possibility of the existance of things I can’t fully comprehend then walk around a negative cynic full of hatred and judgement towards anyone or anything that I’m not able to prove otherwise. As for the Christians, who’s to say Heaven isn’t the “better place” these spirits reside and can somehow still send some energy through to comfort a loved one yes evil spirits can be deceiving but how can one believe in only evil spirits and not believe in the rest? So she makes money…so what! Ill bet a number of you cynics(not all of course) on here bashing her for being a fraud and getting paid for it have bought p—, paid a stripper, watched other reality tv shows, and aren’t so beyond feeding into what you know for sure is unworthy of yours or anyone else’s money so calm down and try and be more optimistic its quite refreshing to let go of all that negativity she seems like a good person and if you really believe she could be that cold hearted and greedy to be fooling the world this blatantly then it sucks to be you because you’ve got to be a pretty negative untrusting person which is just plain tiring

  79. are you kidding me? says

    Anna -As a clear non-believer, I have not been negative on these posts but for you to say that if you don’t believe in this, then you must be full of hatred and judgment is ridiculous. I choose to not believe in something that, in my opinion, is completely fake, fradulent and manipulative. This does not make me someone in need of your pity.
    My entire point here is that I strongly believe this whole concept of mediums, psychics, palm readers, etc. is designed for one thing: to separate you from your money. Period. It has been going on for centuries and more and more of them have been exposed for being frauds. If you want to believe and don’t mind spending money to have someone tell you what you want to hear than go for it. Do not, however, criticize me for believing otherwise. I am not an unhappy or miserable person. My lack of belief in this makes me grateful for life in general, and not looking to some mystical “after life” that some lady on an edited and scripted TV show is talking about.
    Finally, I have stated this before but I truly believe that this is not harmless as many state and is outright taking advantage of grieving, suffering people who have lost people close to them.
    This will be my last post. I have officially run out of energy on this topic.

  80. Deirdre says

    Aliens exist because I talk to them in my sleep. You can’t prove that wrong ! Burden of proof is bull crap ! Also , if it’s unexplained….it means that it’s automatically a miracle of aliens. See how ridiculous that sounds ?

  81. Taron says

    What other biblical proofs do we have that there is life after death? In Matthew Chapter 17 we have the account of Jesus going to a mountain with three of his disciples. On that mountain, the disciples got to see Jesus in his true glory. Something else happened on that mountain. Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus. Elijah never died but Moses had been dead for hundreds of years. How could he have appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration if there was no life after death?

    Yes, God detests us having to consult mediums, because He would rather want us to consult Him & believe that He will be able to provide us with all the answers to our questions. In the years of Christ’s existence and even before, mediums existed.

    What Theresa has, is a gift. How can she help for what she sees? She’s not using people’s vulnerabilities to get to them in any way, she’s only helping them to cope with life. Who says God hasn’t sent her as a helper, a disciple, just like He had sent disciples to Jesus, to help us? Who says He isn’t working through her to help us?

    There are so many passages in the Bible that state that there is life after death, as illustrated above. There are Neurosurgeons who believe in the afterlife, scientists can’t even prove this, why? Because no one can ever fathom God’s ways. He created us. Scientists can’t even prove how we were formed from dust, so that, already tells you that no one will ever understand how we were created. God created scientists. That’s why they will never have the answers to everything.

    If you are sceptical and unwilling to be open-minded towards mediums, then don’t watch shows like these. It’s just that simple. Stay away from things you find not to believe, or dislike. No one has forced you into watching her show. It just comes to show how ill-mannered and small-minded some people are in this world. There are some people who said that there’s no such thing as mediums or the afterlife mentioned in the Bible.

    I just want to correct you on that and I also want to ask you: Who are you to tell people what is not stated or proved in the Bible, when yet, it does state these incidents? Who are you to change or eliminate what is stated in the Bible?? Please go do your research before you toss your ten cents comments around and commit sin when denying what is stated in the Bible.
    I do believe this woman, because she doesn’t always ask people for money, she goes to them, because it is her job, it is her job as a human being to help others. If God hadn’t wanted her to be a medium or do the job she does, He could have easily taken away her gift, but He didn’t. He isn’t. So please, next time, think before you act. Do your homework* :]

  82. ADewayne says

    I think if someone had this amazing gift than they would not turn it into a reality show.. Realty shows are so far from actual reality that I do not understand how they are called reality shows.. As soon as she agreed to this it automatically made it look sketchy and turned me into a skeptic of her.. I believe in my creator and afterlife and the spiritual realm.. And also believe that we all have our own way to connect with those spirits.. But as far as her READING people? Come on zombies.. Wake up.. If she does have this gift than she’s turned it into a joke.. And as for Ann H.. Saying that a guy is a moron and must be a republican because he’s a moron.. People who still believe in the right left republican democrat paradigm are morons and are obviously soaking up the GMOs, fluoride, and mainstream garbage like this Caputo woman.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. Do your own research and stop being so gullible..

  83. Phil McCracken says

    Hello Folks. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sorry to say I still have not seen one minute of the show I promised to watch. I always find something better to do like hit myself in the head with a hammer for 30 minutes, or drag my balls across a board full of rusty nails.

    I have check out various youtube videos that completely expose this fat pig Theresa as the fraud she is. Google the one on Anderson Cooper where she’s throwing out guesses like crazy and missing on each and every one. I almost feel sorry for her because you know she knew she was bombing. ” ahhhhhhh I’m sensing someone in here took a crap in the last 2 or 3 days”. Ummmmm who in here has got a hair-cut in the last 2 months” Ohhhhhhh I’m feeling someone with a name that starts with A,B, C, D, E , F , G H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, has recently changed jobs! Notice I did not include the letter Z. The dead people told me that.

    If this kunt was not so reprehensible she would be hilarious. Keep watching and believing tards.

  84. Phil McCracken says

    Really? Your cat used to rub up against your legs. What else did he/she do? Rub up against the legs of the kitchen table?

    Jesus Christ, that is what all cats do!

    Did that fat fraud bleach blonde that is Miss Caputo tell you your cat used to throw up hair balls too? How did she know that?

    Amazing. One sucker born after another.

  85. SO SAD says

    Hola Theresa, realmente quisiera pedirte me ayudes… mi madre esta muy enferma y triste debido a que fallecieron personas muy amadas para nosotros. Ella esta enferma y creo que se siente culpable por no haberlos hecho felices. Por favor te pido ayuda. Soy de Mexico y no se si por la distancia o mi nacionalidad no me puedas ayudar.
    Hablo inglès pero preferí hacerlo en mi idioma nativo, no se por que razón. Solo creo que es asi lo debo hacer.

    Dios te bendice a ti y a tu familia.

  86. says


  87. Phil McCracken says

    Ellie’s Mom.
    It’s not OK. When you’re flat out lying to desperate, grieving, souls looking for answers that is so disgusting. I compare this fat woman to the fat losers that sell their football picks to the gambling degenerates. A lot of these people are in too deep with a real problem so they turn to the so called experts. It takes a half ounce of brains to figure out if those morons really knew what was going to happen they wouldn’t need my credit card number. They could just bet on the game themselves. Same with thing with this so called “medium”.

    Good news. I finally watched her show tonight. Well, I watched 1/3 of a show. I noticed it on Satellite guide and set my DVR to record it. I started to watch it about an hour ago and could only get thru 10 minutes of it. It starts like most puke-based reality shows. This fat, bleached-blonde pig, with skin that looks like a catchers mitt fron the tanning beds, hanging out at home with some loser who I guess is her hubby, all tatted up. Her new assistant who is about 17 years old has found her a “group reading” at a halloween party. Now is when we learn that Theresa is afraid of halloween and the dark, or as this Long Island dummy says, ” I’m afraid of the dauck” So before we get to see this fat cow squeeze her fat butt into a costume that is much like her dresses, two sizes too small, we get to see her “read” a married couple who have tragically lost two sons from disease. Through clever editing she has got both dolts to admit plenty of information that she just recites back to them to their amazement. She throws out a few obvious questions that start the two stooges to tear up. Then the part that almost made me puke. She tells these two gullible fools that their 8 month old baby has told her they don’t mind being dead and they had a great life. She goes on, ” Your son is telling me he’s met other babies and they didn’t have such loving parents as you”. Un-freaking-believable! This woman needs to be punched in the face. And all you complete turds that think she’s real, should go back and finish grade school. I shut the TV off at that point and will watch the rest later. I can’t wait for more. It might take me 4 or 5 sittings to get thru this crap because while I was born at night, it wasn’t last night! I can only have my intelligence insulted in 5 or 10 minute segments before I need to take a break.

  88. Phil McCracken says

    Why? Ellie’s mom? Do you really have to ask?
    The fat pig is preying on sad, desesperate, vulnerable people and filling their head with lies.
    She is such a disgusting person. She makes me sick.

  89. Webster says

    some are so sure that their sureness blinds them. goes for religious, superstitious, and die-hard skeptics. a true scientist would remind himself or herself that there are many things we don’t know, and that the case is not cut and dry. much increasing evidence accumulates that refutes the worldview that the skeptics constantly preach. mind being tied to brain, for example.

  90. Stan says

    Webster, what is your evidence that mind isn’t tied to brain? Cause you read it on the internet–it must be true?

    Ellie, it’s NOT OK. For some of the reasons Phil expresses, although he isn’t very polite lol.
    Ignorance is Ignorance. Believeing that these frauds talk to the dead isn’t any different than believing God has commanded you to kill your neighbor–wrong is wrong!

    If you would educate yourself, you would understand that if any of these fakes had the ability they claimed, they could prove it easily in a controlled setting, with non-biased parties, and if it were than proven they could cash in to the tune of not just millions, but billions if not trillions of dollars. Because such a discovery would be monumental–bigger than the invention of the wheel. Why hasn’t this happened? Very simple–because the ability does not exist–it’s just another cheap parlor trick, so don’t be a fool and fall for it!

  91. Webster says

    “what is your evidence that mind isn’t tied to brain? Cause you read it on the internet–it must be true?”

    There is ever-increasing evidence in respected peer reviewed journals such as the Lancet Medical Journal and others. The University of Arizona has some studies on anamalous cognition (scientific term for “mediumship”). IANDS, the International Association of Near-Death Studies also contains a database of research and evidence.

    There is a lot out there. It’s just pop mainstream skepticism that repeats the lie to itself that none of these exist. And because the status quo and mainstream news, companies, etc. tend to be threatened by the large paradigm shift (more towards love, less towards materialism) that would occur if this knowledge was more widely accepted, it has so far been fairly successfully kept under the rug.

    But more and more people are awakening. You can check some of the evidence out if you like.

  92. Ms Foxxie Mae says

    @ Phil McCracken, Please Grow up! you are so ignorance person! oh yeah your last name is “cracken chicken”!! LOL

  93. Are You Kidding Me? says

    Phil McCracken – I know I said I was done posting here because I, like you, am fed up with this topic and the incredibly obvious way this woman is stealing from people but your latest post made me laugh out loud. Well done! I am a true believer in the fact that “a fool and his money are easily parted” but the saddest part is that many of these folks are just as you described – desparate, grieving and grief-stricken. They need protection at their most vulnerable time from scavengers like Teresa. It is truly a shame…

  94. Bev says

    Wow Phil you really must have NO LIFE AT ALL being on this board all the time writing long posts. Maybe you should try getting out once in awhile and enjoy the sunshine….and while you’re at it, let go of all that built up anger/hatred towards Teresa and channel the energy in a more constructive way. It’s none of your business how people believe and it’s definitely not advisable to bully them into your way of thinking. Do you really think they’re going to take you seriously when you keep ranting and calling people names? The way you behave makes Teresa look like an angel.

  95. cathryn says

    I have never seen Teresa and her appearances and never watched her on television. So i am afraid can’t comment on her and whether she is a fraud or genuine. I just wanted to briefly state my own experience. I was brought up a Catholic and always had psychic ability but it is considered taboo in my family. When my partner passed away over a year ago i have experienced increased psychic ability. I am not sure how to reconcile this with my strong Catholic background but i would like to use my gift for good. I am not at all interested in making money from it and i am afraid to even speak of my ability to anyone. I for the most part wish i didn’t have this ability.

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