Top 2 Alternative Medicine Treatments: Equine Horse & Bee Therapy

Doctor Oz gave two great Alternative Medicine treatments, which are non-traditional remedies for health problems.  The two alternative treatments are Equine Assistant Therapy and Bee Therapy.  I knew that animals (such as pets – dogs, cats, etc.) were great for calming people and very helpful psychologically… but who would have thought there are special Alternative Medicine Treatments using horses and bees!

Equine Assistant Therapybee therapy

Apparently, horses can help treat depression and anxiety through something called Equine Therapy or Equine Assistant Therapy.  I used to ride horses when I was younger – perhaps I should pick that hobby back up!

Bee Therapy or Apitherapy for Arthritis

If you are allergic to bee stings, like apparently Dr Oz and I both are, then this Alternative Medicine Treatment is probably not for you.  With Bee Therapy (also called Apitherapy), which was demonstrated on Doctor Oz’s show, a professional has a honey bee sting you in strategic locations, because the enzymes in a bee’s venom can relieve arthritis.  After the bee stings you, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes for the venom to get fully pumped into you, and then the professional pulls the stinger out of your body.  Frederique Keller, an acupuncturist, demonstrated Bee Therapy for Doctor Oz’s audience.  The Bee Therapy volunteer had a bit of a red mark that looked like a mosquito bite where the bee stung her.

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