Top 4 Home Invaders: Raccoons, Roaches, Rodents & Reptiles- Dr Oz


You are not alone!  What is Living Under Your Roof?  Doctor Oz was joined by Billy Bretherton from The Exterminators to discuss the Top Four Home Invaders.  Billy the Exterminator calls them the 4 R’s, so which creatures that invade your home are Dr Oz and Billy most worried about?

You Are Not Alone: What Is Living Under Your Roof?

Home Invader #1: Raccoons

One couple told Doctor Oz that they heard strange noises late at night and thought that something was moving around in the attic.  Billy the Exterminator found a Raccoon!  Raccoons chew on wires and defecate all over your house, which causes diseases.  Coons also tear up garbage cans and make a huge mess.  How do you know if Raccoons are in your attic?  Look for gnawing marks and fecal matter.  Raccoons can actually dig under sheet rock and sneak into your home this way.  Doctor Oz said that raccoon’s fecal matter can dry up and become airborne, so people in your home can start to get sick and will not even k now why.


  1. The Moccasin Shop says

    Haha, that is hilarious that raccoons invaded your home! I can’t imagine waking up to that in the middle of the night. Usually they just stay in my backyard but they’ve always been too scared to come too close to the house (which I’m grateful for!)

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