Train Pets- Bunny Biting, Dog Shedding, & Pet Peeves Marty Becker

Doctor Oz loves pets – he has Rosy, Buster, Rocky and Baby Cat: a dog, a rabbit and cats.  Dr. Oz said it is easier to love your pets when they aren’t shedding their fur, scratching your furniture or biting your possessions!  Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Marty Becker, author of The Ultimate Dog Lover and star of The Pet Doctor with Marty Becker, to talk about how to train our pets and remove pet hair from our furniture and clothing.Shedding Dog Hair

Reward Pets for Good Behavior

How hard is it to change your pet’s behavior?  Dr. Marty Becker says that it is better to reward your pets for the right behavior than it is to punish pets for doing the wrong thing.

How to Train Bunny Not to Bite

Dr. Oz has a bunny named Buster that loves to bite things and chew up bags and other valuable possessions.  Dr. Becker said that rabbits are like Bugs Bunny and like to chew on carrots.  It is important for bunnies to chew in order to keep their teeth the right length and shape.  However, you should encourage “constructive chewing” instead of destructive chewing of your personal items.  Give your bunny things like untreated wickers, brooms, baby toys or phone books.

Shedding Dog Hair: How to Prevent & Clean Dog Hair

Dr. Oz has a black lab retriever dog.  Dr Becker said that the number one complaint about pets is the shedding hair.  There are three rules to help with shedding pet hair:

1.  Cut Back Pet Hair

Make friction your friend and rub your pets coat or dog fur vigorously in a place you don’t mind the shedding to occur.

2.  Collect Pet Hair

A great way to remove dog, cat or pet hair is by using a deShedding Tool or a Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment. Dr. Marty Becker said that if you rub a balloon over your furniture to create static, the static will pull the animal hairs out of the furniture and make the hands stand up. Then you can just go over your furniture with a Pet Hair Lint Roller!

3.  Contain Pet Hair

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