Why Men Cheat


Doctor Oz’s show on The Science of Why Men Cheat has certainly been controversial on the Dr Oz Fans website!  As you can tell by looking at the comments on the bottom of the page of the original post on Why Men Cheat, you will see conflicting feedback from different readers.  Tess clearly thought Dr Oz’s advice was correct and seems to have benefited from what Gary Neuman, Lisa Flowers and Janine Driver said on the Dr Oz show.  However, someone named Bull said that Dr Oz’s show has made his fiance suspicious even though he says he is not cheating.  And another person named Jenny said that Dr Oz’s show made her feel like her boyfriend was cheating on her, when he was really at a jewelry store picking out an engagement ring for her.  So what do you think, was this episode of Dr Oz too much of an alarmist mentality?  Or are these simply generalizations that apply to many cases, but clearly do not apply to all cases? I do tend to believe that going with your gut instinct is usually correct, but then again, thus far I have been lucky enough (counting my blessing!) to not have a man cheat on me.  Why Men Cheat



  1. SJW says

    I really feel men cheat for several reasons. You cannot put all men in the same catogory but most I feel can and do cheat because the woman they are with, allow it. WHy they do to start may be other reasons. Men who have antisocial personality disorder do and will cheat. Believe me. I was told by three marriage counselors men who have this., it is not easy to treat and they said I need to decide to stay with him and have this fo life or end it……I tried hoping he could change and understand his iontended role but he just didnt cafe when it came down to it…….he started denying until it hit him back in the face……when people in our town came to me and told me where to go to see him with this woman and this was not the first time……..this continued as long as I allowed it to. He would try and make me think I imagined it……..and I’d question myself, well, maybe hes not……or maybe I am just being over processing……….until I saw it with my own eyes and it was just not once……but three times over a period of six years while we were married and I was home, playing house, he was out being a 13 year old jerk. (when he was well into his 50s) and now he is 62 and stlll the same. We are divorced but word gets around still, so know………..its IN his character……and antisocials are not always killers, thats a myth..yet some do, as Theadore Bundy……and others…………but they will abuse you….steal, lie and avoid their wong doings………denying they did anything……and do it again…most have arrest records for they feel above the law and think they can get around it………..and they think of others (both men and women) as a way to get what they want and if you cant or wont meet their needs, they WILL get it from someone else…..a ride somewhere, money, whatever……………so beware……..if you meet anyone who is antisocial……and that by the way does NOT mean what you may think by the title……..it does NOT mean they do not like social situations……..they do…….they love them infact….and they come off as your best friend, but they are masters at manipulation……thats how they make their contacts, to get what they want or/and need.

  2. Ellen rosendhal says

    It is hurtful for me and I feel like a fool staying with him. Am I an idiot or what?

  3. natali3n says

    I do not think you are an idiot…. My boyfriend looks at porn and I allow it ………. I dont see him do it, but I know he does it and in the back of my mind I just let it happen. Just like he cheated on me in the past with some nasty girl

  4. robert zgonc says

    please send this articles on this email i dont have one so i use this one please i need help

  5. robert zgonc says

    i cheat on my wife on internet andd resently she fund out i have been doing since 2006 i dont feel sick or that i am comiiting adultery since is not fisical. she is upset and wonts to leave me i dont know wooy i just anjoy it makes me happy and makes me forget all my problems she said thats like drug addiks

  6. I Lindsay says

    maybe it’s to do with a lack of education, several spelling errors by the only male posting. but at least he’s honest.
    personally, i believe that there are men that are just plain addicts. like a alcohol, coffee, chocolate or drug or any other addction. basically, it’s up to the person if he/she wants to kick it.

  7. waiting to see what happens says

    i did not see the show why men cheat,,but back in 2006 i had a gut feeling that he was cheating on me,,just couldn’t prove it to myself….then i think he cooled it for a while,,then in 2008 i caught him talking to a women in the work place and asked him about ,,it wasn’t the talking to her part ,,it was how he was doing it ( the body language )..and nothing became of that,,now its 2011 and i found evidence that he was doing the nasty to porn on the internet ,,every time i would leave the house on his days off ,,i let this go on for awhile until i just couldn’t handle it anymore,,sat him down and i asked him if he loves me,,he said yes,,i told him that i know for a fact that he’s been doing the nasty to porn on the internet..he told me that i wasn’t loving him enough,and i should love him,,it’s not that i don’t love him, i said i would work on this relationship and he said he wouldn’t be on the internet porn anymore,,,well i haven’t believed him for a long time,,and lying when asking questions to me doesn’t work for me,,,so we’ll see if he does stay off or not,,,computer programs are great …..this is his last chance,,,and by the way…for myself i think internet porn is cheating and it does hurt the person your with very much..if your doing things on the internet with other people u shouldn’t be doing,,when your in a relationship

  8. John says

    Ladies whose men cheat, if you have always kept your man satisfied and he strays, then the blame lies with him. If you have have neglected his needs then look in the mirror. Many women do and I think this really is the root of the problem in many cases. I’m not saying if your guy behaves like a jerk you should still satisfy him.

  9. says

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