Women: Unwanted Hair Cures- Beauty Waxing & Spearmint Tea

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Women: Unwanted Hair Cures- Beauty Waxing & Spearmint Tea

By on April 15, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on women’s unwanted hair concerns.  Do you know where the most common places are for women to get unwanted hair?  How much hair is too much and should raise red flags in your mind for things like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?  What is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair: shaving, depilatories, tweezing or waxing?  Dr. Oz answered all of these questions about unwanted hair for women and you may just be surprised at what he said…

Dr Oz: 5 Most Common Places Women Have Unwanted Hair

1.  Chin

2.  Breast

3.  Happy Trail (below the belly button)

4.  Back

5.  Upper Lip

Dr Oz: Why Women Get Unwanted Hair As They Age

As women age, their ovaries shrink so they stop making estrogen.  Therefore, women’s testosterone to estrogen levels are thrown off an you see things like male pattern baldness of hair on your head, and the peach fuzz that you used to have in other places starts to grow like the hair on a man.  Dr Oz said that we must differentiate between unwanted and unacceptable hair.

Dr Oz’s Unwanted Hair Growth Chart for Hirsutism

You should ask yourself what your female relatives are like in terms of unwanted hair.  If you have more unwanted hair than your other female relatives, then this could be a sign of Hirsutism or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  You should look at a chart like the Ferriman Gallwey Evaluation of Hirsutism here and if your female relatives are more like a number 1 and you are closer to a number 3 on the Ferriman Gallwey Evaluation of Hirsutism chart, which is Dr. Oz’s unwanted hair growth chart, then you way want to see a doctor, because you are deviating far from your normal genes.

Dr Oz’s Unwanted Hair Growth Cures & Solutions:

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 1: Shaving

Shaving is fast, inexpensive and works well.  Dr. Oz said you can shave your body or your face (yes women, you can shave your face!).  Dr. Oz said that contrary to popular belief, shaving does not make your hair grow back any thicker.

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 2: Depilatories

Depilatories can also work for both your face or your body to remove unwanted hairs.

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 3: Waxing

Waxing too can work to remove either facial or body hair.

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 4: Tweezing

Dr Oz said that tweezing can be used in cases where it would be uncomfortable to use 500 hairs at once.  From my personal experience, I used to think it was ok to “pluck” stray facial hairs on my chin and neck area, but when I saw a dermatologist, she told me that because I have an imbalance of hormones in my blood from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) that plucking the hairs makes the situation even worse because when you pluck a hair out, blood rushes to the area, and my blood is full of imbalanced hormones which just makes the hairs grow back stronger and thicker and in a larger quantity.  Just adding my two cents from what I learned!

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 5: Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives or birth control is the most commonly used solution for unwanted hair growth.

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 6: Anti-Androgen Pills

Anti-Androgen pills are bad to have in your system if you want to get pregnant, so they are generally used by older women.

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 7: Diet and Exercise

Dr. Oz never passes up a moment to remind us how important diet and exercise is… even in terms of unwanted hair growth!

Unwanted Hair Growth Solution 8: Spearmint Tea

I cannot wait to try out this new home remedy for unwanted hair growth!  Dr. Oz said that Spearmint Tea blocks androgens and reduces free testosterone, which shifts our estrogen and testosterone levels back to normal.  One word of caution, Dr. Oz said that some people find that Spearmint Tea reduces their desire for love.

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Comments to Women: Unwanted Hair Cures- Beauty Waxing & Spearmint Tea

  1. I have been drinking two cups of spearmint Tea everyday for 2 weeks now, the hair that I plucked 2 weeks ago has not come back also, I noticed my period has gotten less heavy…I am so glad you aired this on your show, for once something that works and doesn’t cost alot of money…

  2. Kathy please update us on you hair growth and menstrual discomfort. I have been told that the hair growth cycle is two weeks.


  3. hair cycle is 6 wks according to my electrologist

  4. Waxing can be horrible as I just experienced. I had waxing done on my chin & upper lip and ended up with scabs as the waxing ripped off my skin. I learned later that as we get older our
    skin gets thin and waxing can pull the skin right off.

  5. I cannot find Spearmint tea anywhere in our stores or health food stores here in Canada, I also checked in the USA and no luck. I even tried to see if I can grow it myself but no one carries the seeds.
    Seems peppermint is quite popular and can be found anywhere, but not spearmint :-(
    Where do you purchase spearmint tea,

  6. michelle willis says:

    Try iherb.com

  7. michelle willis says:

    Available today at iherb.com

    Alvita Teas, Spearmint Leaf Tea Bags, Caffeine Free, 30 Tea Bags
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  8. What is the brand name of the Halsa Mat on the Dr. Oz show. I don’t want to buy an imposter.

  9. I don’t have any hormonal imbalance. Can I still consume this product??

  10. I don’t have any pcod or hormonal imbalance. But I do have hair on my body and face
    So will it help me??
    Will it disturb my hormones?

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