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Dr Oz: Pat O’Brien Memoir Review TV personality Pat O’Brien is the author of a new book, I’ll Be Back Right After This, in which he chronicles his own struggles with addiction. He was a guest on Dr Oz to talk about his journey and what it was like to share his story. O’Brien’s distinctive […]

Dr Oz: Diagnosing Mental Illness Dr Oz spent some time speaking about Mental Illness, saying that we should not wait until the next tragedy to talk about this uncomfortable topic. His guest was the woman behind the viral blog post “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” which was first published after the Sandy Hook Elementary School […]

Dr Oz: Ebola Isolation Ward Dr Oz kicked off his sixth season with a report on the Ebola Virus. A fourth American has been infected with the disease, and is being treated in isolation back home in the US. Two other medical missionaries, Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, were successfully treated and released. The […]

Dr Oz: Chinese Pain Remedies Dr. Oz says your biggest health complaint is probably also the number one reason you take medication, but today he has ancient Chinese herbal remedies to treat your pain and the good news is they are easy to find no matter where you live. Dr Oz: Best Chinese Remedy for […]

Dr Oz: What is Qigong? Dr. Oz says if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep then he could have the solution you have been waiting for to rest better at night. The secret lies in an ancient Chinese remedy called Qigong and it has been used for centuries to help people relax and […]

Dr Oz: How to Choose a Multivitamin Today Dr. Oz is taking on the biggest controversies about your health and he is not alone because Dr. Andrew Weil is joining him to weigh on the hot topics that concern you the most. Find out once and for all if what you are doing is safe […]

Dr Oz: What is an Aura? Dr. Oz wants to introduce you to a woman who believes that every person is surrounded by an aura, which is a personalized color that can unlock secrets to your personality, body type, and even your health. Get ready to learn what your aura colors reveal about you! Dr […]

Dr Oz: NY Med Television Shows Stars Dr Oz The television show NY Med is back and it is special to Dr. Oz, not only because he is featured on the show, but also because it takes place in the hospital where he learned and still practices medicine today. He shares a powerful scene from […]

Dr Oz: At-Home DNA Health Tests – Do They Really Work? Dr. Oz says there are many at-home DNA tests that promise to reveal your risk for the diseases you fear most, but are they accurate? Dr. Oz wanted to know if you can really trust the results of these tests so he asked investigative […]

Dr Oz: Brunette Ambition Review Lea Michele Dr. Oz sits down with Glee star Lea Michele to talk about her work and the difficult challenge she faced as a teenager. She also shares her favorite refreshing beauty treatment and a recipe for de-bloating juice to ease your stomach woes. Dr Oz: Lea Michele’s Battle with […]

Dr Oz: Adult ADHD Symptoms Do you often find it difficult to concentrate or hard to sit still? If so, you could have adult ADHD because it is not just a kid’s problem. Dr. Oz sits down with an expert who explains adult ADHD and offers tips to help you recognize the signs. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Queen Latifah Weight Loss Tips Dr. Oz invited Queen Latifah to sit down for a conversation about her life and her family’s health crisis and the first thing he noticed was that she had lost a great deal of weight, which she credits to making healthier food choices and exercise. Dr Oz: Queen […]

Dr Oz: Meet Dr Oz’s Granddaughter, Philomena! Dr. Oz is beyond excited about being a new grandfather and today he is ecstatic because his beautiful new granddaughter, Philomena, is making her first television appearance on his show! Philomena is just as beautiful as her Mom, Daphne, and already growing like crazy. It is clear to […]

Dr Oz: Cystic Fibrosis Kids Inspire Whoopi Goldberg to Quit Smoking Whoopi Goldberg sits down with Dr. Oz to talk about the addiction she has battled for 50 years and what inspired her to save her own life. Whoopi is known for her humor and her honesty, but today you will see a different side […]

Dr Oz: What Would You Do in an Uncomfortable Health Situation? Dr. Oz decided to turn the cameras for an investigation into human nature. He wanted to see what people would do if they witnessed an uncomfortable health situation. Would you speak up and get involved or would you stay quiet and mind your own […]

Dr Oz: Allergic Pink Eye Even though we know that April showers bring May flowers, they can also bring itchy red eyes, so Dr. Oz asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain Allergic Pink Eye and what you can do to treat it. Dr Oz: Artificial Tears Review Is Spring a […]

Diane Keaton: Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty It is a special day on the Dr. Oz Show because he is sitting down with Diane Keaton, author of Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty, to talk about her life and the personal struggle she has not discussed until now. It promises to be a fun, […]

Dr Oz: What is Biopuncture? One of Dr. Oz’s favorite things to do on his show is share exciting new treatments with you, especially a cutting edge procedure that can cure back, neck, and even joint pain, but is it safe and is it right for you? Dr Oz: Homeopathic Pain Injections Botanical Injection, or […]