Does Alec Baldwin Change Diapers? Hilaria Baldwin’s Book Review


Dr Oz: Hilaria Baldwin’s ‘The Living Clearly Method’ Review

As Dr Oz continued his conversation with Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, he wanted to hear more about how they both manage parenting. Hilaria explained that they like to keep it in perspective that this is a very short phase in their lives where they have three little babies. They try to soak it up as much as possible by spending a lot of time with their children. But let’s get to the question we all really want to know the answer to: does Alec Baldwin change diapers?

Dr Oz: Does Alec Baldwin Change Diapers?

Dr Oz: Does Alec Baldwin Change Diapers? + Parenting With Hilaria

Does Alec Baldwin change diapers? With three kids under three, he certainly has plenty of opportunities to! His wife revealed the answer. (ellasportfolio / Flickr)

When asked, Hilaria immediately responded that no, her husband doesn’t change diapers. But Alec shot back that he has a few times but whenever he does he gets criticized about how he does. Hilaria joked that she will always change a diaper better than Alec, to which Alec joked “our baby looked at me one day and said ‘I like when you change my diaper better, but shh, don’t say anything.'”

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