Dr Oz: 3 Causes Of Emotional Pain & Iyanla Vanzant “Feel, Deal, Heal”


Dr Oz: Fear Causes Emotional Pain

Dr. Oz sat down with motivational speaker and life coach Iyanla Vanzant to talk about healing your emotional pain as well as the personal struggles that she faced in her own life. Can Iyanla Vanzant fix your broken health? Find out if her approach is right for you.

Dr Oz: Iyanla: Fix My Life

Dr. Oz says Iyanla Vanzant has experienced many highs and lows in her life, but there is something about her that resonates with so many people as she helps them to work through their own pain. Iyanla says she believes it is because she tells the truth about the pain and she does not cover it up. She says she also talks openly about her own mistakes. She says it is important for all of us to feel validated in our feelings so we can heal the pain without allowing it to affect our physical health. Iyanla, host of Iyanla: Fix My Life, told Dr. Oz her goal is to empower people so they can make better choices to get through their pain rather than allow it to lead them in an unhealthy direction.

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