Dr Oz: Does Alec Baldwin Hate Donald Trump? + SNL Impersonations


Dr Oz: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impersonation

Dr Oz was back talking to Alec Baldwin about everything from his new memoir, “Nevertheless,” to Alec Baldwin’s Face Lift (when he turns 60!). But what’s likely getting Alec the most attention of all lately are his impersonations of President Donald Trump. When Alec was first asked to portray Trump, he was already committed to do a film “that then fell apart very quickly.” He was about to head to New Orleans to do the film and said he would gladly come impersonate Trump.

Dr Oz: Does Alec Baldwin Hate Donald Trump?

Dr Oz: Does Alec Baldwin Hate Donald Trump? + SNL Impersonations

Alec Baldwin spoke with Dr Oz about his Donald Trump impersonations, how he feels about our newest President, and the response he has received since. (unfccc / Flickr)

Alec stated “Even though I have very strong opinions about Trump, very. And none of them are personal. Personal, I couldn’t care less. Because we live in a society where we co-mingle the two recklessly. There’s people who, whatever there personal life is, that’s their business. But in terms of his official position, I have my opinions. But the bottom line is, I don’t hate Trump.”

He added that the show is about making fun of a lot of people. According to Alec, “they used to treat Clinton mercilessly.”

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