Dr Oz: Alec Baldwin “Nevertheless” Book Review


Dr Oz: Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has won two Emmy’s, three Golden Globes, seven Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and has been nominated for an Oscar and a Tony award. Perhaps the role of his lifetime, however, is the incredible job he’s been doing portraying President Donald Trump. Alec recently penned a memoir “Nevertheless” about the “highs and lows of both his life and his career.

Alec joined Dr Oz to talk about his ability to overcome pain, stress, and addiction and find true happiness with his beautiful family.

Dr Oz: Alec Baldwin’s “Nevertheless” Book Review

Dr Oz: Alec Baldwin "Nevertheless" + Alcohol, Drug Use & Family

Alec Baldwin joined Dr Oz to discuss his new memoir “Nevertheless” and how drug and alcohol abuse years ago shapes him into the person he is today. (5of7 / Flickr)

Before he sat down, Alec expressed his love for Dr Oz’s daughter Daphne, saying his family often has dinners with her’s. He also joked that he felt the need to jog onto the set given that he was visiting a health show. Dr Oz read “Nevertheless” and pointed out how authentic it seemed to be. Dr Oz thoroughly enjoyed that the memoir was written as a “stream of consciousness” and gave him a view into “what made you tick.”


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