Dr Oz: Aortic Tear Treatment & Dr Oz on NY Med Television Show


Dr Oz: NY Med Television Shows Stars Dr Oz

Dr Oz: Aortic Tear Treatment & Dr Oz on NY Med Television Show

Dr Oz talked about the show NY Med and a patient he treated who nearly died from an aortic tear. (S_L / Shutterstock.com)

The television show NY Med is back and it is special to Dr. Oz, not only because he is featured on the show, but also because it takes place in the hospital where he learned and still practices medicine today. He shares a powerful scene from the show when he treated a man with a heart condition so deadly, he feared he might run out of time trying to save him.

Dr Oz: Is an Aortic Tear Deadly?

Dr. Oz met a young man named Juan whose father died from the same serious heart problem he was being treated for by Dr. Oz. It was a terrifying situation for both the patient and the doctor because an aortic tear so severe is usually deadly, but somehow Dr. Oz managed to save Juan’s life.



  1. Janet Dominguez says

    I loved the show. I would love to talk to Juan and ask him a question.

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