Dr Oz Best Time To Visit the ER & Tips To Find The Best Doctor For You


Dr Oz: Window Washers At Children’s Hospitals Dress Like Super Heroes

Dr. Oz sat down with emergency room physician Dr. Sampson Davis to talk about his life as an emergency room physician what advice he had to offer that will help you get more time with your doctor. Find out the four questions you should ask at every visit!

Dr Oz: Visit the E.R. Before You Get Sick

Dr. Davis’s next piece of advice is to find the best hospital while you are healthy. He explained just like you want to choose your primary care provider and your pharmacist, it is equally important to choose the emergency room that would provide you with the best care if something happened to you. He says the back of an ambulance is not the place to make that kind of decision.

Dr Oz: Nurses Are Best Resource To Help Find a Doctor

Dr. Sampson Davis says the best way to find yourself a good doctor is by talking to nurses at the hospital. They have the most knowledge because they often travel from one hospital to another within the same community and spend the most time working closely with the doctors.

Dr Oz: Emergency Room – Fact Or Fiction?

How to Find a New Doctor

Dr Sampson Davis says the best way to find a new doctor is by visiting a hospital and talking to the nurses. They are the best resource because they work with them and know who to recommend.

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