Dr Oz: Biopuncture Homeopathic Pain Injections & Biopuncture Safety


Dr Oz: What is Biopuncture?

One of Dr. Oz’s favorite things to do on his show is share exciting new treatments with you, especially a cutting edge procedure that can cure back, neck, and even joint pain, but is it safe and is it right for you?

Dr Oz: Homeopathic Pain Injections

Botanical Injection, or Biopuncture, is a radical new procedure based in homeopathy that is gaining popularity in people who experience pain. However, it is causing a stir in the medical community, so Dr. Oz asked Dr. Tasneem Bhatia to weigh in on this alternative new pain treatment. Dr. Bhatia explains that plant-filled extracts, like chamomile, echinacea, or arnica are injected into points of pain as a way to heal pain rather than mask it like is often the case with conventional medicine.

Dr Oz: Acupuncture Needle vs Biopuncture Needle

Dr Oz: Biopuncture Homeopathic Pain Injections & Biopuncture Safety

Dr Tasneem Bhatia says Biopuncture pain injections are an effective treatment option for patients with chronic pain.

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