Dr Oz: Braxton Family Values & Toni Braxton’s Lupus Effect On Family


Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Lupus Toll On Family

Dr. Oz sat down with singer Toni Braxton to talk about her lupus diagnosis and why she kept it a secret for so long. They talked about the heart attack that led to her diagnosis and the shame and embarrassment she felt as she battled the disease. Find out why she is ready to share her story after hiding her lupus for so many years!

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton’s Lupus Diagnosis & Her Family

Dr. Oz and Toni Braxton were joined by Toni’s four sisters and her mother to talk more about Toni’s lupus diagnosis and what it meant for their entire family. They are an extremely close family and their number one focus when they learned of her diagnosis was to educate themselves so they could help Toni through it, but mostly they wanted her to realize that it was “okay” to be sick.


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    By my understanding, this video rletfces back on the roots of the band. I saw in some documentary that when they were interviewing one of the members (freddy?) that one of the stipulations was that he as well as the other members were going to break the mold with their outfits, which were to include whatever it took to make a production at their shows, including dressing in drag, fur, etc. Perhaps they embraced the concept and were eventually comfortable with it?

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