Dr Oz: Broad vs Narrow Spectrum Antibiotics & Avoid Antibacterial Soap


Dr Oz: Does Antibacterial Soap Kill Germs?

Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Brad Spellberg, discussed the frightening trend of too many people taking unnecessary antibiotics. They explained the difference between bacterial and viral infections as well as the risks involved in taking antibiotic medication when you do not need it!

Dr Oz: Should You Complete Your Entire Course Of Antibiotics?

Dr. Oz polled his audience before today’s episode regarding antibiotic medication. How would you have answered? Do you think you are supposed to take every last bit of an antibiotic that is prescribed to you? Most of Dr. Oz’s audience (87%) responded with a “yes,” but were they correct? Dr. Oz said that many of us, including him, have been taught to finish our antibiotic medication completely. He even said it was also taught to him in medical school, but Dr. Brad Spellberg said it is actually an urban legend! Dr. Spellberg explained that if you feel better before you have finished your antibiotics, but continue to take the medication, you will actually put yourself at risk for potential side effects and even kill off some of the good bacteria in your body. Dr. Oz said a good example is with urinary tract infections because it is not necessary to finish your antibiotic if you start to feel better when you have a UTI. Dr. Spellberg said if you begin to feel better a few days into taking your antibiotics you should call your doctor to see if it is necessary to continue taking your medication or if it is okay to stop.

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