Dr Oz: Butt Acne, Stomach Noises & Embarrassing Questions

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Dr Oz: Butt Acne, Stomach Noises & Embarrassing Questions

By on June 8, 2012

Dr Oz: What’s Your Problem?

On today’s show, Dr. Oz has looked back at some embarrassing moments. Audience members have received answers to some of their most bizarre health and behavior questions, like spraying pee. These are the problems that you won’t even discuss with your friends, family, or even your doctors. So, what’s your problem?

Embarrassing questions

your most embarrassing questions, from butt acne to stomach noises, were answered by Dr Oz

Dr Oz: Butt and Body Acne

One brave viewer, Lynn from Buffalo, NY, admitted that she suffers from acne on her butt and the back of her legs. She said that it can be very painful, and even brought a picture to show everyone. Dr Oz said that he had spoken to some top dermatologists and had some great advice for Lynn.

Lynn had just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, and body acne can be a side effect because it is caused by inflammation. Dr Oz used a flame and a model to demonstrate how inflammation can affect the skin. It causes it to enlarge and eventually expel the fluid, which causes the painful acne.

Dr Oz’s advice was to treat body acne the same way you would treat acne on your face. Use products that contain¬†salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Also, anti-inflammatory foods, such as walnuts and dark chocolate, can help to treat the acne.

Dr Oz: Loud Noises from Stomach

Another audience member, Lynette, from South Carolina, had a question about her loud stomach. All during the day, her stomach makes loud, grumbling sounds. She’s not hungry, she’s not sick, and she’s not in pain, so what is causing it?

Dr Oz gave a listen to Lynette’s stomach with his stethoscope, and he suggested adding fat and fiber to her diet. Hazelnuts are a great example of a food that can help stop the grumbling sounds.

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