Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Public Meltdown, “Roid Rage” & How He Stays Clean


Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Public Meltdown

Dr. Oz said that in the history of his show he has never gotten such a powerful reaction as he did when he told people who today’s guest would be. Charlie Sheen is a very polarizing person, but Dr. Oz felt passionately about having him on the show because as a doctor he believes there is always room for healing.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Youth Obsessed Business

Dr. Oz admitted that Charlie Sheen is definitely a polarizing person and the mention of his name brings about many different emotions, especially due to his recent, and very public, behaviors. Charlie told Dr. Oz that he believes people feel this way about him because he works in a very youth-obsessed business where vanity is a problem and people have forgotten the truth. Charlie Sheen said that he is a very real person and he is okay with being honest regardless of the outcome.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Roid Rage

Dr. Oz brought up the topic of Charlie Sheen’s very public meltdown last year and he asked Charlie why he felt it happened. Charlie Sheen’s first response was to call it a melt “forward” rather than a meltdown because he literally felt like it went in all directions, calling it an out of body and out of brain experience. He added something that he has not said publicly before, that he may have been taking too much testosterone, which can metabolize in the body as steroids. Charlie believes this is what could have led to what he refers to as a ‘roid rage’.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen told Dr. Oz that after a few seasons of working on the hit comedy Two and a Half Men, things on the set began to change. He says it felts like a very strict environment where nobody was allowed to have fun or make a mistake. He added that it even began to feel like they were enforcing their own version of AA on him, which made it really difficult to go to work. Charlie Sheen did admit, though, that he was partying a lot and probably not showing up to work as the best version of himself at the time.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Silver Valley Lodge Treatment

As a physician, Dr. Oz said he would have looked at Charlie Sheen and told him it was time to get help, but notes that he did not do that at the time. Charlie jumped in, however, to say that he did in fact get some help at his home, Silver Valley Lodge, but it did not turn out the way he hoped even though he got his act together in just eight days. Dr. Oz is not sure that qualifies as getting the professional help that he needed, especially since it pretty much fell apart.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Drug Abuse Body Toll

Dr. Oz had to address the fact that the things Charlie Sheen was doing to his body had to be taking a toll on his health. Charlie agreed, but added he had been blessed with really healthy genes so he does not get sick very often and he requires very little sleep.


  1. Anna Maya says

    Thank you for interviewing charlie sheen….. He was so funny to watch and loved all his answers. would see it again and again……

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