Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Smoking Reality Check, Moral Code & Addiction


Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Role Model For His Kids

Dr. Oz and Charlie Sheen have been having an open conversation about Charlie’s personal life and how his public breakdown, addictions and OCD have affected his life. Now they are going to get a little more personal as Dr. Oz had some questions about the effects of Charlie Sheen’s behavior on his kids.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen a Grandfather

At the thought of entering the next phase of his life and becoming a grandfather, Charlie Sheen told Dr. Oz he could feel the gray hairs sprouting, but he is also very happy and excited for when the baby arrives. He said his daughter Cassandra and her husband will be wonderful parents.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen “I’m a Great Dad”

Dr. Oz asked Charlie Sheen about his relationships with his five children and he said some are better than others, but he is working on it. He said he would ideally love them all to live nearby and have harmony in his life. He feels that he is a great Dad because he is real and funny and he believes that his kids truly love to be around him. He admitted that he is not perfect and has his flaws, but he feels that is part of what makes him a good father.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Moral Code

Dr. Oz asked Charlie Sheen about his partying and how he is able to reconcile that behavior as it sets a bad example for his kids and his ability to be a good role model for them as their dad. Charlie admitted that he is not able to justify his behavior without a ton of denial, self-loathing and shame, and other things that are not a part of his code. He said he follows a code of nobility and responsibility and that he feels a “hiccup in his soul” if he violates his code. He went on to say that his code is the reason he cannot tell a lie.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Addiction Runs In Families

Dr. Oz shared that addiction runs in families, so he wondered if Charlie Sheen is concerned about his children and their future. Charlie admitted that while he is definitely concerned about them and the possibility of addiction, he also believes he has a universe of knowledge to share with them that will hopefully keep them on the right path.

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