Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Torpedo of Truth Tour, OCD & Manic Depression


Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Booed Off Stage

Dr. Oz and Charlie Sheen are sitting down for an open conversation about Charlie’s public meltdown, his smoking habit and his struggle to stay clean.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Torpedo Of Truth Tour

A couple years ago Charlie Sheen did his “Torpedo Of Truth Tour”, which he said started out as a complete and total failure with being booed off the stage in Detroit and people literally throwing things at him on the stage. Surprisingly, he said that experience gave him confidence to move forward in life because he says future situations felt much less intimidating after that incident.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen OCD

Dr. Oz shared that Charlie Sheen has a really high IQ and many people who have such a high rate of intelligence often live with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), which Charlie said is definitely an issue in his own life. He needs to things to be organized and in order and even talked of a time when he approached a stranger in a restaurant just so he could fix the man’s shirt collar because it was ruining his own dinner.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Manic Depression

Charlie Sheen told Dr. Oz that he has certainly had some manic episodes, especially in recent years, but he does not believe he suffers from depression. He said he has never felt suicidal and the times when he has felt depressed have not lasted long. Charlie Sheen explained that when he has felt depressed, it has often culminated with anger and sometimes leads to him breaking stuff, mostly his own stuff he said, but it usually makes him feel better.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen “I’m Old-Fashioned & Chivalrous”

When Dr. Oz asked Charlie Sheen whether he is in a relationship or not right now, he told him yes, and when Dr. Oz asked if it was with just women Charlie chuckled and said yes again.


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