Dr Oz Chinese Medicine vs Western Medicine & Face Mapping Health Clues

By on February 15, 2013

Dr Oz: Nose Is Connected To Heart Health

You will not look at your face in a mirror the same way again after the February 15 2013 Dr. Oz show. He talked about what your face reveals about your health, which is a way for us all to be detectives in our own lives when it comes to our bodies and the health of our organs. Find out what clues you need to look for so you can prevent certain diseases!

Dr Oz: Face Mapping

Professor of Chinese Medicine Lillian Pearl Bridges told Dr. Oz that face reading is actually based more in science than many people realize. She explained that Chinese Medicine incorporates a lot of science from Western practices with traditional Eastern Medicine to make for a wonderful combination. She believes you can literally prevent the diseases you fear the most if you know what to look for when looking closely at your face. Lillian Pearl Bridges explained that just as we have organs inside our bodies, they also show up in our faces with the same structure and placement, but just higher up since they are represented in our faces. This is known as face mapping and it can tell us a lot about the health of our internal organs.

Dr Oz: Can a Woman’s Face Show She Is Pregnant?

Lillian Pearl Bridges explained that every area of the face holds clues to what is going on inside of our bodies, like the whites of our eyes tell the story of our liver’s health. She told Dr. Oz that coloring and puffiness are ways to determine if there is a problem or even if a woman is pregnant.

Dr Oz Chinese Medicine vs Western Medicine & Face Mapping Health Clues

Lillian Pearl Bridges said that you can tell if a woman is pregnant just by looking at the gap under her nose. If it is pink and puffy then she is probably pregnant!

Tip of nose – This area shows how your heart is functioning, depending on the color. Any one color is nothing to worry about, but Lillian said she gets concerned if you have a combination of colors, like red, white, and purple, with any bit of puffiness of the nose. It could signal that something is seriously wrong with your heart.

Groove Under the Nose – This area represents your reproductive organs. It should be deep, dark and plump, which is a really good sign of fertility. She explained that if it is narrow or pale then something could be off. Lillian said you can even tell if a woman is pregnant just by looking at this small area under her nose because it gets a little puffy and pink and a small red spot even appears which signifies where the placenta is attached. Dr. Oz eagerly invited a couple of pregnant women to the stage and he was able to notice the difference in that area of their faces, making him a believer.

Cheeks – Your cheeks are directly connected with the health of your lungs. When you breathe deeply your cheeks should plump up, but if they do not and your breathing is a bit shallow then there could definitely be a problem with your lungs.

Dr Oz: Face Holds Clues To Thyroid Problems

Dr. David A. Friedman, a cardiologist, said a person’s face is the first thing we see when we walk into a room, so we immediately begin to size them up. He explained that we can see aging in a person’s face as well as the effects from elements and how well they care for their face. Dr. Friedman explained that subtle changes can offer clues to what is going on inside a person’s body, like thyroid problems or heart or kidney issues. He went on to say that our face is the most exposed area of the body so it can tell a lot about our health if we know how to read the clues.

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  1. Patti Fessenden says:

    Loved the show and the interesting facts about face mapping. About 13 yrs. ago I went to a Chinese Dr. in Florida. I was having all kinds of problems, especiall with my lungs and throat. I went and the first time Dr. gave a complete once over. After each thing she checked she would have me stick out my tongue. Weird, but was told this ia what she would do. I don’t say very much during the exam, she tried to get some kind of reading off the instep of my feet. She tried a couple of times, nothing happened; she finally asked if I had had a hysterectomy and I had, there was no way she could have know this except by her testing. At that moment I became a beliver in Western Medicine.

  2. What does one do for a raceing heart?

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