Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Beauty Tips + Cortisone To Avoid Pimples


Dr Oz: 61-Year-Old Christie Brinkley

You would never believe that Christie Brinkley is 61-years-old, because she looks exactly the same as she did years ago as a supermodel. All women can only hope to look like Christie Brinkley when we’re 40, much less 60! Christie has been seen hanging out with John Mellencamp and Christie admitted that she likes rockstars!

Christie recently wrote a book, “Timeless Beauty,” and Dr Oz found a book that was published 30 years ago, showing that Christie looks exactly the same now as she did then. Christie said she put everything in the book that she could possibly think of for feeling good, happy, and energetic. She also included daily things you can do, including everything from makeup tips to nutrition. She’s been a lifelong vegetarian and she strongly believes that plays a role in her health.

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